June 1, 2023
Last Thursday the prebenjamines of the GR Huelva They competed in the Spanish Base Cup championship held in Santander, obtaining fourth place in the table, just one tenth behind the bronze medal. Elsa Ramos, Emma Álvarez, Laura Montero, Victoria Martín and Claudia Márquez, They did a great job on the tapestry.

On Friday it was the turn of the juvenile group of Luna Benítez, Carmen Penco, Emma Pérez-Fontan, Claudia López and Yasmina El Houi who already know what it is to hang a medal in a national, they were bronze in the benjamin category last season, This time they have shown off their staging with a leotard themed to the sound of the 3 Musketeers, from the mythical RTVE series.

Their 5-string exercise has shone despite some inaccuracies and as a result they have finished 9th out of the 35 teams that were in competition, without a doubt an excellent position for the Huelva junior team.

The two sets of GR Huelva, Prebenjamín and alevín have contributed their notes for the Spanish autonomous championship where the total sum has ended with a fourth place.

The technicians, Ana Torres and Estefania Beltran They returned home with their gymnasts very satisfied with the work done and eager to continue polishing the exercises for future competitions.

Julia Barba, from GR Huelva, sixth in the Copa de la Reina

On Saturday the Copa De La Reina competition took place. the gymnast Julia Beardof the GR Huelvawhich was selected by the Andalusian Gymnastics Federation, finished sixth in the rope apparatus in this prestigious competition.

Julia demonstrated once again her good work and giving a lesson in mastery and execution with total command of her apparatus.

Andalusia finished in 7th position by autonomies, being the 1th community in the table without gymnasts of the national team of the entire competition.

immaculate marquezthe entity’s coach, values ​​very positively the work done by all its gymnasts, who once again position the Huelva club among the 10 best clubs in Spain.

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