June 3, 2023

Magnon Green Energy started this Thursday work to restore normality with the controlled opening of the biomass piles affected and confined with clay to favor their total cooling in the outdoor park of their Huelva plant. The procedure consists of opening one by one all the natural ovens with which the emergency was controlled, an operation that “can still last several days.”

As the company has indicated in a press release, standardization work “advances at a good pace” and, in fact, “the low height of many of the confined piles indicates that internal combustion has been reduced to a minimum.” Even so, to eliminate any type of risk and speed up the natural process of total shutdown, Magnon will keep all resources mobilized until the end of operations.

Parallel to this last phase, the company has started an internal investigation in accordance with its emergency protocols. On the origin of the incident, the company has advanced that “several hypotheses” are being considered that are being investigated as possible causes of this firewhich “at no time” has affected the productive operations or the operational forecasts of the Huelva energy complex.

Even with preliminary data, and awaiting the final report of the investigation to find out the exact amount of biomass lost, Magnon has indicated that it is estimated that the fire has affected “a little more than 17 percent of the biomass stored in the park of storage”.

This is further proof of the effectiveness of the facility’s preventive measures and fire-fighting equipment, as well as the coordinated and exemplary action of both the Magnon teams and the institutions involved and the company’s collaborating companies.

From Magnon he has thanked all the institutions of Huelva, especially 112Bomberos and Infoca, “for their professionalism and involvement from the beginning”, as well as to all the people, nearby companies and associations that have been interested and have offered their help.

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