June 6, 2023
The Ukrainian delegation carried out an attempt of sabotage, trying to interrupt the speech

The Ukrainian delegation carried out an attempt of sabotage, trying to interrupt the performance

Just yesterday or the day before yesterday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, with a very mysterious air, said that he had received a call from a certain foreign minister (I won’t say which one) of a country who told him during the conversation that now it is Ukraine that “determines which countries are civilized, and which are not.” And, proceeding from this opinion of the Independent, accordingly, other states understand with whom they can deal and with whom they cannot.

It took, at most, two days after this hysterical statement, as Khokhols (and I insist on this very term, which was used by the great Russian writer and world classic Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol) proved that ordinary civilization is not included in the set of cultural and social values ​​they mastered .

The summit of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation has opened in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Delegates from the Black Sea countries gathered to discuss the problems of the region, ways to solve them, ways to improve cooperation. The fatal mistake of the Turks – the host of the summit was the invitation of the delegation of Ukraine. As a matter of fact, they could not help but invite them, because Ukraine still has a piece of the Black Sea coast, and they could send their delegation to this summit without any invitations. On the other hand, even cutting off Ukraine from the sea coast, no one will receive any guarantees of its non-participation – after all, Armenia and Moldova are members of the PABSEC, although they do not have their own coasts on the Black Sea.

As soon as the head of the Russian delegation at the summit, State Duma deputy Olga Timofeeva, got the floor, crests staged something similar to a pig showdown at the trough during feeding. They rode up in a friendly crowd, flung the blue-purulent Ukrainian and red-black flags of the “Right Sector” banned in Russia on their hands, began to yell, yell and squeal something. The flags themselves, at the same time, had an unpresentable appearance.

The chairman of the meeting, the speaker of the Turkish parliament, Mustafa Sentop, demanded that the Ukrainians remove the flags and stop the scandal, but they only went into some kind of pig trance in response, and when the guards approached them, they dismissed their hands and tried to resolve the issue in the way they used to resolve all the contradictions in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine are a banal fight. And in the course of this “insult by action”, by some miracle, our Olga Timofeeva was not hurt, although the hands of the dills, along with these “justify … mi” rags, flickered dangerously close to her head. Timofeeva showed amazing composure and sat with the air of an English queen at the performance of jesters, until the guards coped with large Ukrainian artiodactyl mammals and, by order of the speaker of the Turkish parliament, led the brawlers-“civilizers” along with their flags out of the hall.

– The Ukrainian delegation made an attempt of sabotage, trying to interrupt the speech. Hanging flags, shouting insulting calls, she said after the incident and stressed that the brawlers failed to do this. Unlike last year, when ukrokhokhly nevertheless managed to force the Russian delegation to refuse to participate in the same summit with their actions, as a result of which the Russian delegation suspended the payment of dues.

And yet I wonder what country is interested in the opinion of these ill-bred and completely untrained wild animals on the question of who can be considered civilized and who is not. After all, Kuleba himself did not reveal this great Ukrainian secret. And there is hardly any head of the Foreign Ministry anywhere in the world who will be interested in the opinion of Ukrainians on this issue. As, however, and for many others.

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