June 2, 2023

The Nursing Union, SATSE, in Huelva will launch an information campaign to coincide with the commemoration of the International Day of Midwives, which is celebrated every May 5, and during the next few weeks the information material will be distributed, including posters in hospitals and health centers and in billboards in the hospitals of our province, to value the work of these professionals in the comprehensive care of women during all stages of their lives.

The campaign, which also has the slogan ‘Ask for a midwife in your health center, it’s your right!’ It also intends to be a call to attention on the need to increase the staff of Midwives of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) in our province.

With this initiative, the Nursing Union wants to highlight the importance of midwives from Primary Care, since the attention and care provided by these specialist nurses to women is not limited only to the moment of childbirth, but also responds to all the needs that they may have in terms of their sexual, reproductive and maternal health throughout their lives because, the union understands, the erroneous perception still persists in a large number of people that they are merely helping women to be mothers.

“The work of midwives and midwives is essential and very beneficial at all stages of women’s lives and, especially, before, during and after childbirth”, stresses the union organization that in its campaign aspires to convey the idea of that these professionals provide comprehensive care for women’s sexual, reproductive and maternal health.

Urgent increase in the staff of Midwives

For this reason, the Nursing Union has also wanted to take advantage of the worldwide commemoration of the work of midwives to highlight the need for Health in Huelva to have a sufficient number of professionals to respond to all the needs of the woman in the different stages of her life, as well as the newborn and her partner.

The workforce in this specialty in Huelva is also insufficient and presents one of the worst ratios in the entire State, since Huelva Health has a ratio of 21 midwives per 100,000 women, far removed from the national average of 31.6 midwives per 100,000 women or the average for OECD countries, which is close to 70 midwives per 100,000 women.

By areas of care, the main deficit is found in Primary Care, with 6.2 midwives in health centers for every 100,000 Huelva women, where, in addition, there are great inequalities in care for women depending on the place of residence.

A clear consequence of the shortage of midwives in Primary Care is that there are numerous cases in which they have a single professional to attend several health centers, especially in rural areas, which means that, in the end, they can only dedicate themselves to the pregnancy, but not to other of their many functions to take care of the integral health of the woman.

For this reason, for SATSE the main demand is that, as a minimum, each health center in Huelva has at least one specialist on its staff, although the midwives staff should be urgently increased by seven more professionals, increasing 2 professionals more in Huelva capital, 1 more on the Coast, 3 more in the Condado-campiña and 1 more in the Sierra.

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