June 3, 2023

The Santa Pura beach renew this summer 2023 the Blue flagawarded for the third consecutive year to this Lepera beach, being among the Andalusian beaches awarded with this certificate.

The achievement of these awards, granted by the Foundation for Environmental Education FEE-ADEAC, endorses both the excellent state of the waters, as well as the endowments of equipment and infrastructures, joining many other quality distinctions that leperas beaches have been receiving year after year. year, consolidating itself as one of the most valued destinations by national and European tourism.

The Foundation for Environmental Education manages the environmental quality certification system in which numerous Non-Governmental Organizations are integrated -one for each participating State- and awards each year the Blue flag to beaches, ports, routes and environmental education centers and vessels, incorporating new and more demanding requirements for health, cleanliness, legality, safety, information and environmental management.

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