June 3, 2023

This Thursday the union UGT They have gathered again to make themselves visible to the administration of the Junta de Andalucía, and they will continue to do so until they get an answer as to “what will happen to the leisure time residences and their employees”.

There are 4 beach residences (Punta Umbría, La Línea, Marbella and Aguadulce) and 1 mountain residence (Pradollano), those affected by the continuous cut in budget and, therefore, in effective working time (with the consequent cut in payroll discontinuous staff) and cuts in rights. All these residences will be mobilizing until they receive a response.

From UGT they warn that “they want to sell that the budget cut (about 200,000 euros) is to manage health or education, however, in Huelva plants are closing in our hospitals and changing from cooking in educational centers to managing the catered meals, to avoid hiring staff. and a large number of millions of euros are left for other events.

If the employment council is there to help companies not to fire workers and to improve their working conditions, why doesn’t it do the same with the staff of its centers?

Precariousness in the staff of the residences

Most of the workforce is discontinuous, that is, they work a few months a year, each year they lose more time from contributions and therefore most of them, more than 85% are women, cannot collect unemployment for a large number of months , up to 5 months without charging anything. This home (Punta Umbría) has been open to the public for more than forty years, and contrary to what they want you to believe, it has not been and will not be a summer hotel for the workers of the board.

At first (when it belonged to the state, in the 70s) it was a vacation residence for all the workers of any trade, with few resources.

For more than 20 years it has been a place to stay for a few days, for older people, most of whom have never been in a hotel (and who take into account the income limit to be able to enjoy stays here). ) and groups of disabled people and people in social exclusion.

Of the 7 months open to the public, only two and a half months workers come to enjoy the residence and the rest of the time the beneficiaries are vulnerable groups.

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