June 2, 2023

The candidate of People’s Party to the Mayor of Huelva, Pilar Mirandahas participated this afternoon in an act together with the General Coordinator of the Popular Party, Elias Bendodo. This act served to announce the tax cut that the popular will carry out as one of the first measures when she is the mayoress, with the aim of encouraging investment in Huelva and generating quality employment.

In this sense, the popular has affirmed that the model it wants for Huelva is the same one that Juanma Moreno is developing in Andalusia, “who has carried out the biggest tax cut in history in our land and yet income has risen because investors have seen that Andalusia is a good place to invest, and that is what Huelva needs to become a preferred business destination”.

Specifically, Pilar Miranda has announced the exemption or reduction of taxes, rates and licenses in projects that generate employment, as well as the implementation of a fiscal model of progressive reduction of municipal taxes, “to reduce the fiscal pressure of families and the productive fabric of our city, especially the self-employed”.

Some of the taxes that will be affected by this measure are vehicle taxes, capital gains, Ibi bonuses for large families and the implementation of sustainable energy systems, “a commitment to reducing taxes and fees that It will be compatible with an increase in investment in projects and programs, as well as the progressive reduction of the debt of the Huelva city council, thanks to a more efficient management of public resources”, the popular has affirmed.

Miranda is also committed to promoting the logistics production model of Huelva, through close collaboration between the city council and the logistics area of ​​the Port (ZAL), as a project that generates employment and opportunities, “and we will also ask the regional administration to consider Huelva as a first level transport logistics NODE in the Andalusian network of communications systems”.

Also, the candidacy of Pilar Miranda will promote the creation of meeting and cooperation spaces between institutions, the University and the business fabric, “to promote a new innovative industry that makes Huelva a benchmark city in technology, knowledge transfer and research and, most importantly, to retain the talent that our city treasures”.

Another of Miranda’s measures will be the commitment to make Huelva a reference city for agri-food innovation, “the agri-food sector is one of the pillars of our productive development, the province of Huelva is a world power in agri-food production and that is something that the capital has to know how to take advantage of”.

Likewise, Miranda has insisted that they will always be on the side of all those who want to invest in Huelva, “because the more investments and projects come to our city, we ensure a greater guarantee of development, more guarantee of growth and more guarantee of employment for all the onubenses”

Thus, as Miranda has guaranteed, his economic policies will always go hand in hand with the efficiency in spending public money, “I am convinced that better management will make us make the most of Huelva’s resources, and that will always It will have an impact on a better life for the people of Huelva, with better social benefits and quality public services”.

Following the announcement of these measures by the candidate, Elías Bendodo recalled that lowering taxes is in the DNA of the Popular Party, optimizing public money and putting the interests of the people before the interests of the party, “while in the PSOE DNA, and especially in that of Sanchismo and that of all his students like Mr. Cruz, is the increase in taxes, public waste and putting the interests of the party above all else”.

For the General Coordinator of the Popular Party, Pilar Miranda has already shown that she knows and can transform Huelva, “to which she has given a great boost from the Port, promoting its activity and its surroundings, consolidating it as one of the main poles of maritime activity , and this same transformation is what I know Pilar wants for Huelva”.

Bendodo has also affirmed that on May 28, Huelva cannot miss two historic opportunities such as having a mayoress like Pilar Miranda, “who has shown that she is an engine of transformation in Huelva and who has already given it the first great boost to future projects such as the Levante Dock”, nor the opportunity to have a city, an Andalusian government and a Spanish government, “aligned and all rowing in the same direction”.

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