June 6, 2023

The candidate of People’s Party to the Mayor of Huelva, Pilar Mirandaaccompanied by number seven on her list, José Manuel Moreno, and other members of the candidacy, presented her proposals on social services at a press conference, which will revolve around the development of a Universal Accessibility Plan“to guarantee equal opportunities for all Huelva citizens”.

This plan, explained the candidate, is going to be a plan that will not only contemplate the elimination of architectural barriers, “we are going to go further to ensure that accessibility is for all citizens, not only for all spaces but also accessibility for all the services that the city can offer”.

For this, the popular has announced that they are going to work in a digitized City Hall, which has a website with pictograms and easy reading; They are also going to make public forms in Braille available to Huelva citizens; as well as attention to the public with officials who have knowledge of sign language, “to facilitate access for all citizens to spaces, services, products, in short, a Huelva with full inclusion”.

In addition, Miranda has reaffirmed his intention to rehabilitate the old Isla Chica prison and turn it into a Hotel for Associations, “a place where the association movement of Huelva will be able to have spaces to carry out administrative work, to provide information to the population and in which they will also have common areas for the development of activities”.

In this sense, the popular has recalled that for her it has always been a priority to “support all our social groups to work together to help people who need it and achieve it, and if something is clear to me, it is that Huelva needs a City Council that works shoulder to shoulder with associations and social groups, where people and their problems come first”.

To do this, he has continued miranda“a greater effort must be made in social policies and always in collaboration with the associations and groups that are dedicated to it, communication with the associations and groups must be continuous and they will have a leading role in the drafting of the future Plan of Universal Accessibility of Huelva”.

In addition, Miranda is also going to work to cover the positions that are currently vacant in the municipal social services, “because I know the technicians and I know that they are exceptional in my work, but they are currently overwhelmed and it is necessary that the positions be covered to improve service to citizens”.

The elderly are also going to be fundamental in the social services of the popular, “and for them we are going to develop an Active Aging Plan that we will implement together with the municipal centers for the elderly, to work with them to recover their activity with a complete program of activities based on the needs of the users”.

Miranda has also expressed his concern for the families, “and for them we are going to promote a Social Housing Program, in order to serve those families with the most pressing housing needs and with economic problems, providing the city with a park of affordable housing and for a sustainable construction model”.

Regarding the Accessibility Plan, José Manuel Moreno has insisted on the importance of having this tool, “with which we are going to facilitate access for all citizens to the physical, social, economic and cultural environment, access to health and to education, access to information”.

Moreno has also announced that the local councils are going to be strengthened: that of People with Disabilities, that of the Elderly, that of Minors and Adolescents, that of Immigration and that of Women, “because it is essential that they once again be useful to citizens , operational and that really serve as a means of communication between these groups and the City Council”.

Finally, Moreno wanted to focus on the need to review the subsidies and aid that the City Council gives to associations and groups, “we are going to study the possibility of, as far as possible, increasing these endowments, but the most important thing is that we are going to expedite the payments, so that the aid is received as soon as possible”.

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