June 4, 2023

Spies, Nazis, British and a risky love story set in Huelva in 1940, a city where the conflicts of the Second World War are reproduced on a smaller scale. are the ingredients of ‘Operation English Quarter’new intrigue drama from the 1 which has just started filming this week, co-produced by RTVE together with Onza (‘The Ministry of Time’, ‘Parot’) and the Andalusian production company Emociona Media.

Aria Bedmarknown to La 1 viewers for her role as Camino in ‘Acacias 38′; Peter Vives and Ruben Cortada (‘Elms and Oaks’) will give life to the main protagonists. They complete the national and international cast of fiction, Paco Tous, Juan Gea, Bea Arjona, María Morales, Chiqui, Fernández, Kimberley Tell, Aida Ballman, Silvia Hanneman, Yan Tual, Sue Flack, Marco Cáceres, Almagro San Miguel, Ángela Chica, Clara Navarro, Fran Cantos, Stefan Weinert, Kevin Brand, Frank Feys, and Craig Stevenson, among others.

The recordings of the seriescreated by Gonzalo Crespo Gil, Pilar Crespo, Virginia Yagüe, Pablo Tobías, Manuel Rios San Martin, Victoria Dal Vera, Tatiana Rodríguez and Jose Ortunobased on an original idea of Alexander Torreswill continue until August in different locations in Huelva, Seville and Jerez de la Frontera.

It will have as its settings the old dock of the English mining company and the area of ​​the Río Tinto and its open-pit mines, as well as Bellavista, the port of Punta Umbría and Mazagón beach, in Huelva. In Seville, among other locations, it will be filmed in the Palacio de Monsalves, and in other areas of the city and the province, and also in different parts of Jerez de la Frontera.

Huelva, the Spanish Casablanca

World War II has just broken out. Although Spain is neutral, Huelva is a strategic enclave to control the ships of both sides that cross the strait. In addition, it has an important British colony. For this reason, the Germans send members of the Secret Service to control what happens in the city, especially in the mines in the province of Huelva, owned by the English, and which provide Great Britain with ore for weapons and artillery.

In this way, Huelva becomes the Spanish Casablanca, a true nest of spies from both sidesamong whom the young woman is forced to move Lucy. She has just turned 25 and has been hired by an English mining company to work in their offices as a secretary.

There he meets the manager of the company, Peter, an attractive Englishman with a dark past who drags Lucía into an adventure in which she will be forced to take sides. When you’re in the middle of a war, being neutral is not an option.


Executive production: Gonzalo Crespo Gil, José María Irisarri, Pilar Crespo, Gonzalo Sagardía, Clara Almagro, Santiago de la Rica

RTVE executive production: Borja Galvez

Production Address: Onil Ganguly

Address: Chiqui Carabante José Ramón Ayerra

plot direction: Manuel Rios San Martin

Screenwriters: Manuel Ríos San Martín, Victoria Dal Vera, José Ortuño, Virginia Yagüe, Pablo Tobías and Tatiana Rodríguez

Photo Address: Dani Salo (AEC) and Alejandro Espadero (AEC)

Art direction: Hector Bertrand

Casting Address: Juana Martinez

Music: Pablo Cervantes

Locker room: Matías Martini

Makeup and hairdressing: Anabel Beato


Aria Bedmar Lucy

Peter Lives Peter

reuben Cut Francisco

paco tous José

Maria Morales Tape

Frame caceres Juan

Fran Cantos Oscar

chiki Fernandez Dew

Juan Gea Enrique

Stefan Weinert Schneider

yan tual Victor

Sue Flack Miss Parker

Almagro San Miguel Tony

Carla Nieto Sylvia

craig stevenson Goodwill

Kimberley Tell Agatha

Kevin Brand Kurt

Frank Feys Edward

Silvia Hannemann hanna

Clara Navarro Rebeca

Beatriz Arjona Protection

angela girl Belen

Aida Ballman Miss Eve

edu rejon Gianni

gregor coin Dieter

José Luis Rasero Captain Civil Guard

Gonzalo Trujillo german consul

ken appeldorn english ambassador

Carlos Olalla father damien

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