June 6, 2023
Morgunova hid who the father of the child was.  Photo: Personal archive of the hero of the publication

Morgunova hid who the father of the child was. Photo: Personal archive of the hero of the publication

The famous TV presenter Svetlana Morgunova turned 83 this spring. In the Soviet years, she hosted the most popular programs of those years: “Time”, “Blue Light”, “Morning Mail”. Then, in the 90s and early 2000s, she was the host of almost every stellar combined concert. And suddenly she disappeared … There were rumors that the TV personality was drinking too much because of unemployment. And then again the sad news: Morgunova fell into a terrible depression after the death of her only son. Maxim Morgunov was well known on television. Author and host of the show “Military Affairs” on NTV, head of the press service of the Kolomenskoye Museum. Maxim was close to his mother, visited her regularly.

The man died in 2020, 52-year-old Morgunov died from complications caused by covid.

“I do not want anything”

According to a friend of Morgunova, an expert on the show “Let them talk” showman Denis Sorokin, the TV presenter has recently become even worse. The woman does not leave the house: for three years Morgunova has been sitting in her apartment as a recluse almost without getting out.

“You should not be surprised that Svetlana fenced herself off from everyone and closed herself in her apartment,” Sorokin told KP. – In recent years, Morgunova has experienced a lot of tragedies that led her to illness. At first, they stopped calling her to concerts, because of her age, young faces are needed on television. She sat by the phone for months, sobbing, waiting for a call. But the phone was silent … They say that it was then that she had problems with alcohol. Iosif Kobzon and his wife Nelya tried to save her, treat her, but Svetlana did not listen to anyone. Then Morgunov was severely crippled by the death of his son. Maxim was everything to her. He never complained about his health, he did not have any chronic diseases. Who would have thought that a young man would burn from pneumonia…

After the death of her son, Svetlana closed herself even more and began to get very sick. First, she had a stroke. She slowly got out, but now the doctors found her no less terrible attack – dementia. Svetlana partially lost her memory. Recently, Morgunova received a call from her colleague, announcer Vladimir Berezin, she did not recognize him. “Who are you?” she asked. Unfortunately, Svetlana now sometimes does not understand what is happening to her, where she is … At least the doctors say so. I called her a month ago. Called for the first time in six months. Her voice, of course, is completely different from what we are used to. She spoke very slowly and sluggishly. True, her crown hoarseness remained.

“I don’t want anything … I’m sitting, watching TV, I don’t need anything else,” is the only thing she could tell me coherently. And so, in principle, she does not need anything. With a bonus for the titles, Morgunova receives a good pension – about 60 thousand rubles.

Svetlana Mikhailovna with her son and granddaughter Dasha.  Now Dasha is visiting her grandmother.  Photo: Personal archive of the hero of the publication

Svetlana Mikhailovna with her son and granddaughter Dasha. Now Dasha is visiting her grandmother. Photo: Personal archive of the hero of the publication

“She is looked after by her daughter-in-law and grandchildren”

But Morgunova’s colleagues could not get through to her. The TV presenter does not answer the phone.

– I don’t know what’s going on with Sveta Morgunova. She went underground, she doesn’t want to communicate, ”complained Tatyana Sudets, a colleague of Morgunova, in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda. – After the death of her son, Sveta was completely lost, she is very ill. Here, depression is the hardest, and other sores are disturbing. Recently I caught a glimpse of Morgunova in one TV show, journalists came to her – sick, broken – came home. I don’t think it should have been filmed like this. The legend must remain a legend.

Morgunova’s friend, artist Nikas Safronov, reassured KP: they say that relatives visit the TV presenter, she is not alone.

– Next to her are her grandchildren, her daughter-in-law, who do everything to make her comfortable. Yes, they do not live with her under the same roof, but they constantly come to her.


“Wants to be remembered young and beautiful”

“Sveta doesn’t want to see me, she explained that she had one desire – to be remembered young and beautiful, full of strength,” Nikas Safronov told KP. – She has the right to decide how to manage her life. Many great people want to live their maturity as recluses, tired of great fame. Remember George Vitsin. Actress Katya Vasilyeva generally went to the monastery. It’s not just the pain of a woman who lost her son. There is also a great tragedy of an aging beauty who does not want fans to see her weak and infirm.


She hid her beloved men

Svetlana Morgunova was the first beauty of Soviet television: slender, elegantly dressed, always with perfect styling and makeup.

It seemed that thousands of men were in love with the TV star, but Morgunova hid her personal life from journalists. Svetlana never told who was her first husband, the father of her only son Maxim. It is only known that the man died early, and Morgunova experienced the loss for a long time.

Then the announcer had a second marriage, which ended in a quick divorce. But Svetlana did not disclose the name of this chosen one either.

True, secular gossips have been gossiping for many years about Morgunova’s secret romance with Muslim Magomayev. But Svetlana brushed off these gossip: they say, Musya (as the singer was called by relatives) is just a friend. And nothing more.

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