June 3, 2023

The territorial delegate for Educational Development and FP in Huelva, Carlos Soriano, has attended the XV Conference of Provincial Professional Networks of School Libraries, an event that, according to Soriano, is “a meeting point for the revitalization of school libraries, their support throughout the province of Huelva and for language programs, but even more so for the exchange of educational experiences of success”. In fact, in the tendencies are presented to situate the library as a space for innovation, collaboration, cooperation, training and animation in the Provincial Network.

The delegate has also valued the high participation and acceptance among the teaching staff, congregating in the UNIAabout 100 people from all over Huelva, which means giving “plus quality to the training of Huelva teachers”.

These meetings, which have been held year after year, aim to promote contact between the teachers responsible for school libraries in the province, as well as promote the exchange of ideas and strengthen the ties of union of a group concerned with reading and convinced that This must play an essential role in all the subjects of the curriculum.

The meeting, which reaches its fifteenth edition, will be held throughout the day on Thursday at the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía facilities, in La Rábida (Palos de la Frontera) and includes conferences and workshops by a team of speakers including which highlights the workshops on gamification and the use of digital media as a tool to promote reading and the presentation “Encounters and disagreements on social networks”.

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