June 1, 2023

The 56 Congress of Diseases cardiovascularorganized by the Andalusian Society of Cardiology (SAC), held in Punta Umbría, this year presents two live cases of percutaneous treatment (through a catheter) of patients with heart valve problems.

The specialists who carry out these procedures are Andalusian experts, of recognized international prestige. From the Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital, the treatment of a mitral valve will be carried out by Dr. Manuel Pan, head of the Cardiology service of the Reina Sofía Hospital in Córdoba and Dr. Santiago Camacho of the Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital, with the support of the cardiologist specialist in cardiac imaging Dr. Mª Dolores Mesa, from the same Reina Sofía Hospital.

Mitral regurgitation is the second most frequent valve disease, the treatment of choice for these patients is surgery either with repair or replacement by a prosthesis, if this is not possible. But given the aging of the population due to the increase in life expectancy and the surgical risk of patients, not all are operable. This technique allows us to repair the valve through a catheter by implanting a device called MITRALCLIP with excellent results in selected patients with contraindications for surgery.

“The Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital, always at the forefront of cardiology, has operated on 36 patients with excellent results, improving the quality of life and the prognosis of these Huelva patients”, according to the Head of the Cardiology Service of this hospital, the Dr. Antonio Gomez Menchero.

TAVI valve

The other procedure will be the implantation of a percutaneous aortic valve (TAVI) and will be carried out from the Virgen de el Rocío Hospital by Dr. José Díaz Fernández, current head of the Cardiology service at this Hospital, and Dr. Manuel Villa. Aortic stenosis (narrowing of the aortic valve due to degeneration) is the most frequent valve problem associated again with the aging of the population.

This procedure, which is performed through a catheter from the femoral artery, allows us to treat patients without having to do open surgery and offers better results in elderly and high-risk surgical patients than conventional surgery. The decision must be agreed upon at all times by the specialists participating in the process, such as the clinical cardiologist, the interventional cardiologist, and the cardiovascular surgeon.

In Spain in 2021, the last known year, “almost 6,000 TAVI implants were performed, with a national average of 120.7 implants per million inhabitants. In Huelva, how could it be otherwise, this type of intervention has been carried out since 2013, increasing in number, advancing at the same pace as science and extending the indication as in the rest of the world”.

In Huelva, there is data from 2022 and 61 TAVI were implanted, in the national average, this means offering the people of Huelva the best solution for their heart problems.

The congress will be an opportunity to update on the latest technical improvements that are made in this type of procedure at a national level, which will always result in benefits for patients.

The Andalusian Society of Cardiology

The Andalusian Society of Cardiology is a scientific associationfico-Mnon-profit medical institution, affiliate of the Spanish Society of Cardiology, chaired by Dr. Maríto Dolores Mesa, cardologist at the Reina Sofía Hospital in Córdoba.

Among its express purposes are promoting the study, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Andalusia. Promote, coordinate and develop scientific and information and education programsnprelated to cardiovascular conditions. And also establishing a collaboration with the Fundación Andaluza de CardiologíaceAs with any other organism that develops activities related to cardiovascular problems.

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