June 1, 2023

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Konstantin Khabensky has a very interesting biography! For example, now the actor starred in one of the main roles in a comedy series about how to build a business in the nineties – “Indecent Money”, the premiere episodes of which are released on TNT on May 8 at 21:00. Khabensky will play a timid teacher from an institute in a provincial town who suddenly becomes the owner of a sex shop. In anticipation of the next bright premiere, we suggest recalling interesting facts from the biography of the actor.

The path to acting

Konstantin did not immediately realize that his vocation was an acting career. First, he entered the technical school of aviation instrumentation and automation, from where he expelled in the third year, and then began to look for a dream profession. True, at that time it was necessary to live on something, so Konstantin managed to be both a janitor and a musician on Nevsky Prospekt, and a polisher, and a fitter in the theater-studio “Subbota”. There, he began to go on stage in extras and realized that an acting career sounds extremely attractive. And in 1990 he entered LGITMiK – the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography.

The first experience in cinema and interesting “trials”

For the first time in the movie, Konstantin got quite unexpectedly. The graduation performance, where Khabensky and Mikhail Trukhin participated, was noticed by Aleksey Yuryevich German and offered the young actors a role in the film “Khrustalev, the car!”, He even came up with a separate episode for them.

Samples from Tomasz Toth for “Natasha” were also quite spontaneous. As Konstantin himself recalls, the conversation was something like this: “Are you going to act?” – “Will!”. Then they drank vodka.

Khabensky also got into the movie “Women’s Property” by accident. On the stairs, he ran into an unfamiliar man, after which the following dialogue ensued: “Something I don’t know you!” “I don’t know you either!” And later they approached Konstantin and said that it was director Dima Meskhiev and that he was approved for a role in his new film.

“Destructive force”

Thanks to the series “Deadly Power”, the whole country began to recognize the actor, but Khabensky got the role of Igor Plakhanov quite interestingly. The auditions took place after the performance, so Konstantin was extremely tired, he could only smile and nod to all the director’s questions, when the phrase suddenly sounded: “So, we take Khabensky! We won’t even try – everything is clear.”

True, the actor himself does not really like the hero, there is too much pathos. He prefers tragicomic roles, and calls his role “comic old woman”: neurotic comedian, romantic hero, dramatic, tragicomic, theater and film actor, just a good person – and all in one bottle.


Once Konstantin walked for three months with red hair and eyebrows, because of which he had to refuse theatrical performances. The thing is that at that time Khabensky was filming Meskhiev’s film “Own”, where there was such a color scheme that required an unusual hair color from the actor. In general, if the role is close to him, Khabensky is ready to go to great lengths, as he agrees with the expression: “The health of the actor is given so that he mercilessly burns him on stage.”

Attitude towards Russian cinema

The actor tries never to miss the latest in Russian cinema, because he wants to always be aware of what is happening in his field. At the same time, films with his own participation are bypassed, and he also tries never to talk about his plans, because this is a bad omen.

Kiss with Angelina Jolie

Konstantin even visited Hollywood on the set of the movie Wanted in 2008. The actor then got the secondary role of a former bomber from Russia, and all viewers were extremely amazed by the scene where Angelina Jolie kisses the dying character of Khabensky. True, as Konstantin later explained, everything was not quite so.

“Firstly, this is not a kiss, but artificial respiration. Kissed my colleague James McAvoy. And I was given artificial respiration. And when you have a mouthful of film blood, and you need to spit it all out on Angelina and her partners … Well, such a kiss, if you can call it a kiss “– said the actor.

And everything turned out this way because of the fear of being tickled: the actor asked the director Timur Bekmambetov to give artificial respiration to him “not a boy”, and the only “not a boy” involved in the scene was Angelina. However, the audience still decided that the actress was kissing Khabensky, and even the American border guards asked about the sensations of the kiss.

Charitable Foundation

Konstantin Khabensky is not only a successful actor, but also the founder of a charitable foundation aimed at saving children with diseases of the brain and spinal cord. Recently, the Khabensky Foundation turned 15 years old, during which time it paid for the treatment of 18.5 thousand children and adults. The foundation also regularly holds charity events, finds new partners: both among major brands and among TV shows, for example, the winners of the Musical Intuition project on TNT regularly sent their winnings to the Khabensky Foundation.

Khabensky himself says this about his charitable activities: “Today, charity is perhaps the only territory where people do not try to realize their ambitions to achieve any goals, except for one thing – disinterested help to a person.”

Watch “Indecent Money” with Konstantin Khabensky in the title role on May 8 at 21:00 on TNT!

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