June 2, 2023

The Environmental Education Foundation (FEE) has granted for the first time to the Espigon Beach the Blue flagrecognition that is granted annually to beaches and ports that meet a series of environmental conditions, as well as that have adequate facilities and endowments, making respect for the natural environment compatible with the use and enjoyment by users and visitors.

In this regard, the mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, wanted to emphasize that “it is a recognition that satisfies us a lot because eight years ago, when we arrived at the City Council, we took as one of the primary objectives the enhancement of the only beach which is in the municipality of Huelva and represented a very important challenge because it was a feral space, which did not meet optimal conditions”.

For this reason, the mayor assures, “in recent years our priority has been to revalue the Espigon Beach in order to be able to offer the visitor, both Huelva residents and tourists, a first class beach, an effort that in recent years has been rewarded with the ‘Q’ Flag for Tourism Quality from the Institute for Tourism Quality of Spain and the ‘S’ for Sustainability, adding now, for the first time in its history, an award as important as the Blue Flag”.

Within this framework, the Huelva City Council has been committed to improving and increasing the existing endowments and equipment in this natural environment, which has allowed it to promote and enhance its tourist quality, as well as for this space to have its own municipal ordinance. to regulate and guarantee the correct use of all its services.

Thanks to this, the Espigón beach has become a benchmark for bathers during the summer, with services very well received by its visitors last summer, such as free parking, the variety of activities available to the users – bathing, fishing, staying with pets, contact with nature in the middle of a protected area – or the professionalism of the lifeguard service.

In addition, it should be noted that, among the latest provisions incorporated into this space by the City Council, the amphibian chair was also included, a vehicle adapted for people with reduced mobility that facilitated movement through the arena and allowed users to take a bathroom with total security.

In this way, thanks to the Consistory’s firm commitment to reinforcing the different facilities and services, and after an exhaustive evaluation carried out by the FEE in recent months, Playa del Espigón can boast of having the Blue Flag this summer. in the area suitable for swimming, that is, from walkway 1 to walkway 4.

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