June 1, 2023

The Royal Brotherhood of Emigrants from Rocío de Huelva held on the night of this Wednesday general assembly of pilgrimage where the governing board informed the brothers about the exceptional change of route through Huelvaboth on departure and on return, due to the plays that are being undertaken in Puerto street and that has been agreed with the Huelva City Council.

After many days evaluating the different options with the carreros, finally the governing board has decided the following route and the following approximate times:

departure route

Departure from the chapel (8:30 am), Paseo de las Glorietas (stops at the Local and National Police), Paseo de las Palmeras, Avda. Costa de la Luz, Avda. Cristóbal Colón, Calle Guadalcanal (stop at the Civil Guard barracks). Avda. Cristóbal Colón, Paseo Independencia, Plaza de La Merced (stop at the cathedral), Paseo Independencia, Calle San José, C/ Puerto (stops Casa Venancio, Santo Ángel and Esclavas schools), Plaza Quintero Báez, Avda. Pablo Rada, San Sebastián street, Avda. Pío XII, Alameda Sundheim, Casa Colón (reception of the Town Hall and petalada), Plaza del Punto (stop monument to the Virgen del Rocío), Avda. point the procession will be divided into two: A section made up of the cavalry, Simpecado and pilgrims will tour Víctor Fuentes Casas street, Sanlúcar de Barrameda street (stops at the Government Delegation of the Andalusian Government and the Navy Command, at 11:30 a.m. hours); the second section made up from the traditional car number 1 will continue along Avda. de la Ría, Avda. del Dean of Spanish Football, stopping at the roundabout of the Super Hugo 44 monument, where the procession will regroup again to continue along Avda. Francisco Montenegro.

return tour

The return journey on the 31st will take place along Francisco Montenegro Avenue, Manuel de Falla Street, Nuevo Colombino Avenue, Guatemala Avenue (7:30 pm), Plaza de España, Alameda Sundheim, Plaza del Punto (monument stop for the Virgin del Rocío), Avda. Italia, Avda. de la Ría, Víctor Fuentes Casas street. Avda. Julio Caro Baroja, Avda. Doctor Rubio, Los Emires street, Puerto street, San José street, Paseo de Independencia, Ruiz de Alda street, Paseo de las Glorietas (both lanes one in and one out), and house of brotherhood (21.00 hours).

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