June 1, 2023

Planning is one of the most important elements for any type of activity that is going to be developed and, much more, when it comes to a trip. In the case of traveling in an electric car, planning and other tips are vitally important for a long trip with complete peace of mind and without concern for autonomy.

In this sense, one of the main concerns that usually arise is related to the recharge car. For this, it is highly recommended to know which are the charging points along the route, among other factors to consider. The positive thing is that, thanks to new technologies, we currently have applications that help us manage all these issues without any complications.

Additionally, electric mobility is becoming more widespread in Spain, which provides a great advantage for those who want to make long trips in electric cars. In general, electric cars have a range that ranges between 300 and 350 kilometers, although there are also models with a range of 600 kilometers. It is precisely for this reason that trip planning is important because otherwise, we run the risk of getting stuck on the road.

Types of electric charging points

We currently have a wide network of electric charging points and, additionally, with different types of points. Next, We share with you the different types of electric charging points:

  • portable charging point: This is a particularly practical option because it allows, among other things, recharging in domestic connectors that are conventional and, additionally, also in industrial ones. It is highly recommended to travel with this portable charging point because it allows you to have greater peace of mind, regardless of the autonomy of the car.
  • wall charging point: These are the wall chargers that are generally used to charge both hybrid and electric cars. In these cases, aspects such as the type of connector used by each vehicle or the outlet it needs must also be taken into account.
  • Pole charging point: these recharging points belong to the public administration or companies, so they are the ones that make up a wide recharging network that are highly useful for public use.

Finding the charging point is essential to manage autonomy correctly and applications like WAYLET are very useful to help us save money and time, since it provides valuable information about electric mobility along the way.

Keys to traveling with an electric car

Although knowing the charging points is extremely important, it is also Other aspects must be considered so that the trip develops properly. Next, we share with you some of the most outstanding:

  • Know them charging points
  • Know her orography of the area because it has a direct impact on the autonomy of the car. It is important to note that the orography refers to the different elevations that can be found along the way. And it is that, the battery performs much more on predominantly flat terrain compared to terrain with higher elevations, hence the importance of knowing this information and based on it, planning the recharging points.
  • control weight It is also important not to drastically reduce autonomy
  • It is also important control the air conditioningconsidering that the very intense cold is not the best ally for the batteries of electric cars.

Without a doubt, knowing the charging points is the central element when planning a long trip with an electric car. Hence, applications such as WAYLET are highly recommended because it allows us to easily find out the different charging points along the road and thereby guarantee sufficient autonomy throughout the journey.

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