June 6, 2023
Blogger Valeria Chekalina.

Blogger Valeria Chekalina.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication in the social network

Bloggers Lerchek and Artemchek (in the world – the spouses Valeria and Artem Chekalina) for almost two months nowgo without social media. By a court decision, during the investigation of criminal cases on tax evasion and money laundering, they are prohibited from using the Internet, and this, as you might guess, is a nightmare for any blogger.

So, during the election of a preventive measure, Lerchek begged the court not to deprive her of communication with subscribers: they say that the blog is the only thing she earns on, there are no other sources of income, and three children need to be fed somehow. Themis did not heed these moans, and it was obvious to everyone around that the Chekalins were cunning: in a few years, on the wave of success, they managed to get hold of business assets, expensive property, and, for sure, a financial pillow for a rainy day. Although the head of the family claimed otherwise.

– All my accounts are frozen, I have not set aside any money. There is only a wallet in your pocket, and in it – 100 thousand rubles, – Artem Chekalin spread his arms in front of numerous television cameras.

However, in addition to the scandalous weight loss marathon and advertising contracts in social networks, the Chekalins still have one more tangible business: the cosmetic brand LETIQUE, the sales of which the couple regularly fueled by the launch of the so-called “Wheel of Fortune” – a stimulating drawing of cars and iPhones for the purchase of goods. How honestly this action was arranged, and whether someone actually got expensive prizes, is an open question. But one way or another, cosmetics brought (and continues to bring) Lerchek a lot of money even without her flickering in social networks.

So, LLC “Letik Makeup” recently reported its income for 2022. As the KP.RU website found out, this project can be called a success without exaggeration: the company’s revenue amounted to 172 million rubles, and net profit – 78 million. Things are going uphill: compared to 2021, financial indicators increased by 1.3 – 1.5 once. At the same time, no matter how much they talk about the blocked accounts of the Chekalins, the movement of funds on the Letik Makeup accounts is not limited in any way – they can be freely transferred and withdrawn. The company’s property has not been arrested, the activity continues – cosmetics are still sold, bringing dividends to their owners.

By the way, previously knownthat the second company, Bee Fit, through which the blogger traded her slimness marathons, earned 2.6 billion (!) Rubles in 2022 with a declared profit of 255 million.


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