June 3, 2023

A dozen members of the ELEVEN visually impaired, three of them also hearing impaired, who were accompanied by interpreters, this morning they visited the Royal Brotherhood of Emigrants of Rocío de Huelva where they were able to learn about the history of the Rocío subsidiary and ‘admire’ through touch the three simpecados of its history, belongings and the float.

The person in charge of explaining the origins of Emigrantes and their entire history has been the prosecutor of the brotherhood of flowers, Inocencio Forcén, who has been accompanied by Juana Vázquez and María Eugenia Ruiz, also members of the governing board, as well as the team of stewardship.

The director of the ELEVEN In Huelva, Francisco García Soriano, has shown his “thankfulness for this unique experience, where we have been able to enjoy the belongings of a brotherhood from El Rocío for the first time, such as that of Emigrants”. Likewise, he has highlighted “the very nice welcome they had, when they opened their doors for us so that we can live from this wonderful experience.”

Statements of a Deaf-Blind from ONCE

For his part, Antonio González Rodríguez, one of the deaf-blind participants, stated that “this is incredible. I never would have thought I could touch this, never ever in my life.

«I have gotten the creeps. The float I can touch with my hands, the rods, the Simpecado. Speaking of Simpecado for me, if I could see, the most beautiful would be the original, the first. While, Juan Manuel has exclaimed when touching the float that he “had seen the sky.”

The brotherhood also wanted to emphasize “how enriching this visit has been, which, without a doubt, we will repeat.”

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