June 2, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

Starting May 15 at 21:00, TNT will begin showing the new series Star Court, a comedy story inspired by the high-profile trial of Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

In the center of the plot of the series will be a popular Russian actor with a scandalous reputation Dmitry Petrovsky (Maxim Lagashkin) and his ex-wife, an average actress Marina Khrumkina (Maria Gorban). The story is classic: first a family idyll, and then a bunch of mutual claims and lawsuits for the protection of honor and dignity. The ex-wife is desperately trying to portray her ex-husband as a toxic abuser in the eyes of the public and the court. In order to resist the powerful feminist pressure and repulse all claims against him, Dmitry Petrovsky will first have to defeat his main opponent – himself.

The first season of the series will have eight episodes of twenty minutes each. In each of them, star heroes will gather in court and sort out mutual claims with the help of lawyers and witnesses. The creators of the “Star Court” plan to change the main characters – participants in the trial from season to season, leaving only the court itself, lawyers and judges constant.

The project was produced by the brothers Sarik and Ghevond Andreasyan (“Restaurant by Concepts”, “Poor Oligarch”), Garik Petrosyan (“Elephant”) was the director. Starring: Maxim Lagashkin, Maria Gorban, Igor Vernik, Yana Koshkina, Anna Azarova, Irina Temicheva and Eldar Kalimulin.

One of the roles in the series was played by the Kuban blogger Roman Kagramanov. Roman was born in the village of Gulkevichi. After school, he studied at the College of Communications and Informatics in the city of Kropotkin and played in KVN. Roman took part in the TNT projects “Songs” and “Comedy Battle”. He writes songs himself and maintains a blog with over a million subscribers. Roman is also the host of several projects on TV. In the series “Star Court” Roman played the role of the director of the actor, performed by Maxim Lagashkin.

Sarik Andreasyan, project producer: “Initially, director Garik Petrosyan came up with the idea of ​​the series, and we were hooked on it. We realized that this could be fresh and relevant for the viewer, since various courts are constantly taking place in the world, the logic of which leaves much to be desired. Recently, Gwyneth Paltrow was suing a man who accused her of knocking him down while skiing and running away. In the end, Gwyneth won one dollar. Our task is to make fun of these situations, but at the same time show the viewer human stories.

Maxim Lagashkin, actor: “My decision to act in this or that film, among other things, is influenced by who the partners in the frame are. We were indirectly acquainted with Masha Gorban, and it was nice to know that she would be in this project and also wants to work together. And with Igor Emilievich Vernik, we have already gone through a lot and get great pleasure from joint filming..

Maria Gorban, actress: “My heroine, Marina Khrumkina, is a very bright and charismatic girl who appears in the series in extravagant and spectacular images. And I know how my viewer likes to see me like this. Therefore, I am sure that he will like my Marina. Also, I think that the viewer will be interested in watching our duet with Max Lagashkin: we look very cool together. And not only did we become friends, but in the frame they are really very interesting.

Watch the new comedy series “Star Court” – from May 15 at 21:00 on TNT.

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