June 6, 2023

This is how the socialist mayors of the affected municipalities have sent it, who have shown their concern about this issue “and that it has reached this point.”

Therefore, these mayors, Juan Manuel Serrano, in La Zarza-Perrunal; Pedro Romero, in El Cerro de Andévalo; Jacinto Vázquez, in Almonaster; Mari Carmen Fernández, in Cortegana; and the socialist spokesman in Calañas, Diego Carrasco, hope that this matter will be redirected, “because we are talking about boys and girls who have been harmed today and who have had problems going to their corresponding centers, leaving many of them without power go to class today.”

For the socialist representatives affected by school transport, “the drift into which the Junta de Andalucía is leading us is unfortunate, reaching the limit in everything that involves the provision of a public service in which, as always, the most affected are the small municipalities, the rural nuclei”.

«The PP abandons the towns in the school transport»

This is one more example that the PP abandons the towns and does not commit to public services in rural areas”, they have asserted,

“There are situations that are inadmissible and more when we are talking about minors, public education, rights; and, all this, caused by a Junta de Andalucía that fails to fulfill its commitments, that abandons the towns and that attacks public services”, they have stated regarding school transport.


In the same way, they have denounced that in the health field and, especially, in what refers to Primary Care, it is “totally deficient and deplorable”. Thus, the mayor of Almonaster La Real, the socialist Jacinto Vázquez, has shown his enormous discomfort at the situation that is being experienced in the health center of Las Veredas, the largest village in Almonaster, “where they will be without a doctor for two weeks, this and the next, due to a lack of professionals, sick leave and vacations that are not covered”.

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