May 30, 2023

Next Sunday, May 7, 84,000 applicants throughout Spain will try to get one of the 7,757 permanent jobs offered to work in Mailthe largest call for state employment in the company in the last decade, wrested from the Government after a long process of mobilizations, culminating in a large demonstration culminating in a general strike last June, promoted by the CCOO, in unity of action with the UGT.

In this call, there will be a test for the Cast/Agent positions (4,706 and 2,067 positions, respectively) and another for Customer Service (914 positions offered), leaving 70 positions for the promotion of employment of people with disabilities in order to develop employment measures that contribute to the integration of these people.

In the province of Huelva, 1,095 applicants will have the opportunity to opt for 85 delivery positions, 64, 16 agents and 5 Customer Service, with an unusually low ratio of 13 candidates for each position, which will mean that applicants from our province will have a great opportunity to get a permanent job in the largest public company in our country. In the CCAA of Andalusia, a total of 1,113 places have been summoned, opting for them a total of 17,616 applicants.

The exam will be carried out simultaneously in 30 locations and 44 venues and, specifically, in the province of Huelva it will be held at the Campus del Carmen. The Cast/Agent test will begin at 10:00 in the morning (9:00 in the Canary Islands) beginning the call for applicants at 8:45 (7:45 in the Canary Islands). The Customer Service test will begin at 2:30 p.m. and the call at 1:15 p.m. (one hour earlier in the Canary Islands).

CCOO positively values ​​this call for Consolidation of permanent employment, but reminds the company that the loss of employment in recent years is greater than the published offer and that it must stop the precariousness of employment and the high number of part-time jobs, which in this call stands at 15% for motorized delivery, 2.5% for foot delivery and a scandalous 52% and 70% for classification agent and customer service, respectively.

According to the CCOO, in recent years the president of Correos has promoted a scrapping plan that, in terms of employment, has weakened the distribution and logistics structure, the offices and the rural network of Correos throughout Spain, through the continued suppression of staff, organizational restructuring merging or eliminating structures (without measuring the impact), closing offices on Saturdays, as well as the modification/reduction of hours in general, which is a grievance for both workers with an increase in workloads in unaffordable occasions, such as for citizens, leading to a clear loss in the quality of the provision of the public postal service.

Although it is true that with this call for permanent employment it will provide peace of mind and security to almost 8,000 workers by consolidating a quality permanent position, although the structural positions that the company has been suppressing are not covered, nor is it possible to reinforce the Public Postal Service provided to citizens, since the consolidation only transforms temporary positions that were already being covered by these same workers that now become permanent.

CCOO, the majority union in Correos, considers it totally necessary to strengthen the public postal company in its social, public, as well as competitive and sustainable aspects, guaranteeing the effective structuring of the territory and becoming an agent for economic development through a real negotiation of a Strategic Plan that allows diversification (packaging, e-commerce, and search for new business niches as providers of a public service…), increase income, continue internationalization in an effective and orderly manner, establish a new updated framework for labor relations, through a collective agreement, emanating from the social dialogue -which Serrano has dynamited into pieces-, which gives security to the employment of the 52,000 workers, while guaranteeing their rights.

For the CCOO, in short, employment must be the central matter of the future Strategic Plan to overcome past management models, based on cuts and devaluation of employment and rights, and that allows the company to be repositioned as an element of competitiveness, sustainability and value added, essential to achieve the objectives of public service and business expansion that should guide the immediate future of Correos as an agent of economic and social development of the country.

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