June 1, 2023
Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden.


At an extraordinary two-hour court hearing, the son of the incumbent US President, Hunter Biden, said he was too poor to pay child support to his four-year-old daughter. This was reported by the American political portal The Washington Free Beacon citing Biden Jr.’s speech in court.

Hunter’s lawyer Abby Lowell, who is one of the highest paid human rights activists representing the interests of well-known politicians, noted that his client transferred 20 thousand dollars (more than one and a half million rubles) every month to support his daughter from former stripper Lunden Roberts. The lawyer added that Biden Jr. has already paid alimony in the amount of $ 750,000 – this amount was established by an agreement reached by the parties in 2020.

The hearing was called after Hunter asked for a reduction in his monthly payments. He said that he has become poor and “there is nothing more to take from him”, therefore he wants to refute recent media articles in which he was called a slacker father.

During the court hearing, Biden Jr. shared that his only income is a percentage of art sales in a New York gallery, which have recently declined sharply. Moreover, he even allegedly slept on a cot in his father’s room during his trip to Ireland last month.

In turn, Lunden’s lawyers said that if Hunter could afford to hire Lowell, then his affairs are not at all as bad as he presents them. The court ordered Biden Jr. to testify under oath and answer additional written questions about his financial transactions. Considering the answers of the parties incomplete, the judge adjourned the meeting to May 12.

Hunter and Lunden’s daughter – Navy Juan Roberts was born in 2019. Hunter initially denied that the girl was his, but a court-ordered DNA test confirmed his paternity. Nevertheless, the Biden family still does not recognize the child, and the head of the Joe family has repeatedly stated that he has only six grandchildren, excluding a four-year-old girl from the list.


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