June 2, 2023

The Minister of Development, Articulation of the Territory and Housing, Rocío Díaz, has emphasized the patrimonial and environmental recovery of the Real de la Almadraba de new umbriawhich has been decisive in “rediscovering and in turn protecting an enclave of special wealth, in the heart of the natural setting of the Piedras River Marshesdeclared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) and registered as a Place of Ethnological Interest”.

The counselor has made these statements during the technical visit to the Almadraba de Nueva Umbría, in which a pilot project has been developed that has led to the recovery of the Almadrabero complex and greater sustainable accessibility to the Arrow and that has had co-financing from European funds EAFRD.

Specifically, the right bank of the Piedras River at its mouth, within the protected area of ​​the Marismas del Río Piedras y Flecha de new umbria (Lepe), has been conditioned as an urban, fluvial and coastal circuit, improving the landscape of the natural space as well as the cultural heritage of the area.

Thus, the heritage reconstruction of the jetty, the layout of the diesel booth and the three small pieces that make up the boilers, the tar pit and the chimney of the Real de la Almadraba have been carried out, explaining one of the most singular industrial processes of the set.

There has also been a wooden walkway that connects the jetty and the beach and encourages public use in a way that is respectful of the remains of the Almadraba and the protected natural area.

Increase in users of Nueva Umbría beaches

Along with this, they have also adopted preventive measures to mitigate or cushion the impacts caused by the foreseeable increase in users from the beaches of the protected natural space, given that it is a place of great landscape richness made up of estuaries and tidal channels, malear marsh with vegetation, dense wooded scrub, beaches, dunes and sandbanks, rivers and natural channels.

Furthermore, the trap set is delimited by a hunting fence to prevent further deterioration as well as risk situations for visitors.

The project has also included the improvement of accessibility to the coastline through intervention in the connections with La Antilla and the port of Terrón. For this, two paths have been adapted. On the one hand, the Nueva Umbría road from the port car park, with permitted use for pedestrians and cyclists, restricting road use to public service vehicles.

And the second, on the path that runs parallel to the beach and perpendicular to the first, which has been invaded by dynamic dunes in its section near La Antilla, and where it has connected with the urban nucleus.

The counselor recalled that, since the intervention was completed, in September 2022, it has been the Lepe City Council that has been in charge of its conservation and maintenance, as well as its dissemination under the signed collaboration agreement. In this regard, she has stressed the importance of strengthening collaborative ties between administrations to get the most out of the territory.

The counselor has been accompanied on the visit by the delegate of the Government of the Junta in Huelva, Bella Verano; the mayor of Lepe, Juan Manuel González, and the territorial delegate of Fomento in Huelva, José Manuel Correa.

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