June 2, 2023

The mayor of HuelvaGabriel Cruz, visited the site on Wednesday morning where “in the next few days the works will begin to provide a public plaza landscaped to the Viaplana neighborhood”.

This was announced by the mayor, explaining that “in addition to meeting the demand of the residents, it will respond to an obvious need in a neighborhood imprisoned by urban planning itself and management models of the past that have conditioned a development characterized by the deficit of free spaces and the high density of houses”.

In this way “what was until a few days ago a residual, degraded and unhealthy space, led by houses in a dilapidated state and the consequent danger for the neighbors, after the drafting of the green zone project and the obtaining of the land, It will become a space for staying and coexistence that will qualify a unique neighborhood, with a lot of flavor and very Huelva, which has a lot of life and deserved a square that serves as a reference for the city to which we aspire in which you can enjoy the neighborhoods”.

Accompanied by the Deputy Mayor for Urbanism, Environment and Ecological Transition of the Huelva City HallManuel Gómez Márquez and the technicians responsible for the works, the mayor of Huelva has explained to the residents the details of a project that involves an investment of 350,000 euros, financed entirely with the municipal budget and whose main complication “has been obtaining the land, based on expropriations and acquisitions of abandoned single-family houses that over the years have been acquired and demolished, until the Huelva City Council is the owner of enough plots to generate a new square public area of ​​almost 1,500 square meters between Nicolás Orta, Colombina, Cortegana and Pastillo streets”.

A new project for pedestrianization, organization of road traffic and increase in plant cover with the main objective of creating a space for people, to promote coexistence and life in the neighborhood, betting on a large pedestrian area attached to the buildings and its commercial basements, with a playground, lounge areas, shaded areas and gardens. A new public square protected along its entire perimeter by landscaped areas and large trees in aligned tree pits to isolate it from traffic, guarantee safety and create a pleasant environment for coexistence.

With the perimeter already marked and an execution period of six months, before the end of the year, a new space may be made available to residents with which it is intended to improve the urban environment, with the planning of a new public space of quality for a highly populated residential area that becomes a reference, contributing to the revitalization of the surrounding commercial fabric, the increase in security in the area, the improvement of the urban scene with the incorporation of trees, street furniture and a of children’s games inside the public space.

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