May 30, 2023

The nuns square will host on May 9, from 10:00 to 14:00, the ‘II Inclusive Badminton Day’an initiative promoted by the Andalusian Badminton Federation with the support of the Huelva City Hall whose purpose is to promote the integration of people with disabilities of different ages through sport.

As the Councilor for Citizen Participation and Sports, María Teresa Flores, has advanced, “more than 300 users of Huelva entities, double that of last year’s edition, will meet in this emblematic space of the city to participate in numerous games and activities of revitalization that will revolve around badminton and where the fundamental thing, in addition to enjoying a lively day of coexistence, is to give visibility and normalize the different capacities”.

The mayor also wanted to emphasize that “this initiative is part of a much broader sports project and that it also has a very important integrating function in the city such as Badminton without Barriers, which will go out again and show the dynamics that They are carried out to promote the sports involvement of different groups”.

It should be remembered that Badminton Without Barriers was born in the capital four years ago as an activity at the Andalusian Training Center, which is located in the annex room of the Carolina Marín Sports Palace. Thanks to this project, the expansion of badminton as an inclusive sport began in Andalusia, so that it could reach people with any type of disability, both physical and intellectual, promoting it as another element of inclusion in society and personal improvement.

In this sense, as the technical director of the Andalusian Badminton Federation, Carlos Longo, has shown, “Huelva is badminton and Huelva is also inclusion and for this reason we believe that it is very important to extend this day to the participation of all citizens , because that is what true inclusion consists of”.

In addition, as Longo has pointed out, “so that everything goes perfectly, we will have the collaboration of ten FAB instructors and nearly seventy volunteers, students from the MEDAC Huelva professional training center, who will give their best so that this day be a party where fun, training and sports practice reign”.

For her part, the delegate of Tourism, Culture and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, Teresa Herrera, highlighted that “once again the administrations are going hand in hand so that people with disabilities can enjoy badminton in our city, a modality that He has such deep roots among the people of Huelva, and he does so not with a competitive nature but in a totally playful way ”.

Also present at this presentation was the Vice President for Economic and Social Innovation and Deputy for Sports of the Provincial Council, Juan Antonio García, who insisted that “sport is a basic element for breaking down barriers and that is why this open day I am I’m sure it’s going to be so important for Huelva”.

Within this framework, it should be noted that a total of fifteen entities have already confirmed their participation in the ‘II Inclusive Badminton Day’, including Aspaproniasan association dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities in the city and that will take users of its Carpintería center, the Polígono center, the Day Unit and the school to this conference.

Also present will be Cristo Roto, an association that cares for people with functional diversity who need extensive and generalized support, and Ánsares, which works in Huelva to respond to the needs of Huelva residents with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families.

In addition, Abriendo Puertas, an association that offers support throughout the life cycle to people with intellectual disabilities, and the Luna Huelva Association of Women with Disabilities will attend this conference together with Cepain, which promotes an intercultural and egalitarian society where the most vulnerable people have full access to their rights, Avadi, an association dedicated to meeting and supporting the needs of people with intellectual disabilities or Down Syndrome, the Sagrada Familia Specific Center for Special Education and Aspacehu, an entity that works in Huelva to achieve constant improvement in quality of life of people with cerebral palsy.

Finally, it should be noted that since its inception, the Huelva City Council has shown its full support for Badminton without Barriers, as it is a fundamental project to bring sport and the acquisition of healthy habits closer to people who would otherwise find it very difficult to access sports practice.

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