June 1, 2023

The Minister of Health and Consumption of the Junta de Andalucía, Catalina García, has visited this Wednesday the construction of the new doctor’s office in the Corrales districtin the municipality of aljaraqueto check its status on the occasion of the completion of the first phase of the projectwhich has included the construction of module 1 of the 3 that this sanitary facility is expected to have.

The development of this action is the result of a collaboration agreement between the Aljaraque City Council and the Andalusian Health Service (SAS), through the Huelva-Costa Primary Care Health District. In this sense, the counselor has thanked the Consistory for the institutional collaboration for its implementation. Its objective is to improve the quality of care for users and the conditions in which professionals carry out their work by setting up a larger, more accessible and modern office with a greater number of consultations than the current one, responding to the time to the demographic increase that Corrales has experienced in recent years.

The project, whose works began in February 2022, consists specifically in the construction of a new health center equipped with two independent modules interconnected by patios and the foundation of a third with a view to a future expansion, until reaching a final constructed area of 877 square meters, with a total cost of 950,000 euros, of which 250,000 are provided by the town hall for the first phase and the remaining 700,000 by the Andalusian public health administration for the second.

The first phase, recently completed by the City Council, now makes it possible to have the structure of module 1. The second phase is currently in the bidding period, which will be fully assumed by the Huelva-Costa Health District. In it, the qualification of module 1 will be completed for its entry into operation through the arrangement of interior spaces and systems, as well as the integral construction of module 2 and the foundation of module 3. The execution period is about nine months. .

The new health center is located in the area known as Punta de la Barranca, an enclave that will have all the accessibility and parking facilities for users. The Consistory will take care of urbanization tasks.

During the visit, the counselor was accompanied by the mayor of the town, David Toscano; the territorial delegate for Health and Consumption, Manuela Caro, and the manager of the Huelva-Costa Health District, Antonio Ortega, among other authorities.

structural improvements

The new infrastructure will allow it to adapt to the growth in demand in the urban center of Corrales, closely linked to the city of Huelva due to its proximity, as well as to the new technical and equipment needs of current Primary Care. In addition, it guarantees future actions to provide a solution to the expected population growth in the coming years.

The building that houses module 1 will house the main facilities of the office, among whose improvements compared to the current one are the doubling of consultations and the increase in spaces for both professionals and users. Thus, it will go from having 3 to 6 consultations, dedicating one of them exclusively to the Covid circuit with differentiated access to the rest of the care units. Likewise, it will have its corresponding waiting areas, patient transit and adapted toilets, warehouse and administration and reception area.

According to the functional plan designed, buildings 2 and 3 will house, for their part, other assistance units to support the support devices of the Basic Health Zone of aljaraque and common dependencies of the Huelva-Costa District.

All this, in addition, in much larger, more comfortable, modern and functional facilities, which will result in the quality of the service provided to the population and in the care activity of its professionals, also enabling the development of the planned functional plan. by the SAS for the town.

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