June 6, 2023

The Palos de la Frontera Irrigation Community (CR Palos) wanted to show the “enormous concern of the red fruit sector” in which the irrigation restrictions 25% are putting many agricultural entrepreneurs in a difficult situation and where the production of one of the economic jewels of the province of Huelva it is suffering in a “serious” way.

However, once the end of the agricultural season is nearing, it should be remembered that the current restrictions may only be the beginning since the legislation contemplates that if the situation does not improve, the restrictions for irrigation reach up to 50% once If this situation occurs, something quite probable taking into account the low rainfall between the months of May and August, it would mean a setback that the sector could hardly assume and would be a true “economic catastrophe” for the next campaign.

From the CR Sticks They consider that showing up in September for the planting season with 50% restrictions would put the future of thousands of families who live from agriculture at risk and would be an unappealable blow to the provincial Gross Domestic Product (GDP) since the accounts “They will not work for the farmers, also taking into account the rise in the prices of inputs that they have been facing for months.

The Irrigation Community has regretted that this “borderline situation” has been reached, especially because the province of Huelva continues to have privileged rainfall for drought and only the lack of water infrastructure and “administrative neglect” mean that today we have to suffer the consequences in a province that “throws hundreds of cubic hectometres into the sea that could be used to save Huelva’s crops” and maintain the rise of a vital productive sector for the province of Huelva.

In this way, from the CR Palos it has been proposed to carry out an informative campaign on the different solutions that, if implemented, could safeguard the agricultural wealth of the province, so that public opinion knows first-hand that “not all the problems of the drought they have to do with the lack of rain” and that there are viable options for the field to come back to life even if the rain situation persists.

Under the hashtag #LaSequiaSePuedeEvitar, it will propose to the population alternatives that may be vital for the future and that must be implemented as soon as possible, especially if climate change lengthens the periods of drought, so it would be necessary to make the most of the coming rains.

There are sufficient techniques and technologies to address the problem of drought “with anticipation and guarantees” and experiences such as those of the State of Israel, which, being a semi-desert country, has managed to implement precision agriculture by building a water highway that widely feeds crops by transferring water from the wetter areas to the drier ones. Only a “drought of ideas” in the administrations can lead us to a situation of no return.

Finally, from the CR Palos they want to make a general appeal to the population of Huelva to raise awareness about the problem of drought that can generate a shortage of food and serious problems in the economy and employment in Huelva, for which it encourages to join the campaign and claim the importance of water infrastructures that can guarantee the future of the provinces

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