May 30, 2023

Having reached an agreement with the Huelva City Council and the Local Police, the Rocío de Huelva Brotherhood has decided change the route of the caravan through the streets of Huelva’s capital in his Departure for El Rocío next Thursday, May 25.

This has been reported by the Rociera brotherhood through a press release, in which it explains that “they are security reasons that lead us to make this decision to avoid risks on the entourage and the crowd of people who approach as audience, due to plays through which the city crosses on these dates ».

The itinerary will be as follows:

EXIT: Los Marismeños Street
Avda. of Andalusia
Galaroza Street.
Rocio Church. (P)
Avda. Mayor Federico Molina
Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. (P)
sundheim mall
Monument to the Virgen del Rocío in Plaza del Punto (P)
Avda. of Italy
Avda. of the estuary
Victor Fuentes Street
Sanlucar de Barrameda Street
Andalusian Government Delegation. (P).
Navy Command. (P)
Avda. of Mexico
Red Dock. (P) where the city says goodbye

Clarification: the entire caravan next to Simpecado will make the same route at all times.

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