June 6, 2023
The Federal Tax Service froze all operations on the bank accounts of blogger Instasamka

The Federal Tax Service froze all operations on the bank accounts of blogger Instasamka

It seems that the Federal Tax Service of Russia has gracefully groped for a new and uninterrupted stream of funds for the budget. Yes, what a stream there is – a waterfall! As soon as polite publicans knocked on the door (why is it only now, when KP has exhaustively described everything uncomplicated schemes three years ago?) of bloggers and bloggers, such streams poured out from there that you only have time to substitute bags with the seal of the treasury.

And then the new carefree generation of the rich suddenly learned that you have to pay taxes in the country in which you live and earn. The sad example of digital oligarchs Elena Blinovskaya And Lisa Miller (Lerchek) became a science not for everyone. If Ksenia Sobchak instantly ran to close all debts to the Federal Tax Service (it was not for nothing that the host back in 2012 starred in an advertisement for the tax), then Daria Zoteeva, a millionaire blogger, and also a singer and tiktoker Instasamka, did not have time.

In general, Instasamka in the Internet environment is considered one of the most shameful (shameful) and deservedly hacked people. The blogger with the default-defective content of social networks for a long time filled the base of subscribers on shock content, speculated on the feelings of a naive young audience, generated scandals (poured couriers with coffee, bred subscribers, staged a robbery of her own apartment and even an accident for the sake of hype, did not pay money to the authors of the tracks, who she sang, swearing at makeup artists, calling herself “the highest paid rap artist in Russia, and them “rogue”, caused tears for the video with eye drops, took gifts to the orphanage to be left behind, leaked home videos to the Internet, burned five thousandths banknotes and so on) and, of course, shone in the photographs as the fifth point.

“We were laughing, it was fun, the statistics jumped to a million views on each story,” Nikita Ivanov, Instasamka’s PR manager, later explained the “strategy”. – But the subscribers who love her wrote that they were very worried, recorded the voice “Dasha, I’m crying.” And Dasha just laughed at it.

But then Zoteeva realized that money is more interesting than hype and seemed to “grab her head”, tempering her ardor. Dasha began to “cut the cabbage.” As a result, the 22-year-old daughter of a driver from Tobolsk, who, according to rough estimates, had several million rubles a month from advertising blocks, and according to the actual – as she herself admitted in an interview – received at least once 1 million dollars (79 million rubles) in advance for the contract with a music label, completely forgot about tax obligations to the state – and on May 3 it became known that her accounts were blocked. Now the police are checking Daria for tax evasion and money laundering.

At the moment, Daria’s phone is turned off, and under the last post of the blogger in the telegram, there is an active discussion of painless ways to leave the territory of the Russian Federation, taking into account the “mistakes” of Elena Blinovskaya.

According to the analytical agency HypeFactory, a blogger could earn up to 45 million rubles a year – this amount includes fees for concerts (up to 35 performances per year, profit from advertising on social networks, tiktok, earnings from listening to tracks on streaming platforms, as well as courses , books and paid participation in a YouTube show or interview.

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