June 3, 2023

The senator for the autonomous community and former president of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Diazhas clothed the Gemma Castaño candidacymayoress of Major Summits and candidate for re-election, in a very lucid act, which was attended by a multitude of neighbors who wanted to be with both in the presentation of the list with which the PSOE attends the municipal elections on the next 28th. Díaz has affirmed “with Gemma, Cumbres Mayores is doing well, it is advancing, it is progressing, it is getting richer, and to ask that she continue to be the mayoress is to ask for well-being and a future for Cumbreñas and men and women from Cumbre”.

Gemma Castaño has said that she is more excited than ever, with more desire than ever, because “after the bad time we all had at the beginning of the mandate due to the pandemic, this has served to make us mature, make us strong and be able to face and overcome any difficulty that may arise.” For this reason, now that we have to face other challenges, such as the drought that is stalking us, I see myself with plenty of experience to direct the destinies of my town, where I like to live and where I will do the impossible so that people live happily, have work and desire to fight and, also, to enjoy. That’s why I applied the first time and that’s why I want to continue, to contribute to the well-being of my people.”

Susana Díaz spoke of the progress made by the last socialist government in terms of health in this town, where she herself inaugurated one of the “largest and best-equipped health centers in the entire region, worthy of a town like Cumbres Mayores”, which it also covers emergencies in Cumbres de En medio, Cumbres de San Bartolomé, Encinasola, Hinojales and Cañaveral de León”.

For her, Andalusia is regressing in a worrying way in the essential public service that for the Socialists is health. “We are suffering the terrible consequences of a Popular Party government that plays with the health of the people and this province, specifically, is being mistreated because all the projects that the socialists started have been stopped and there are more and more cuts and more limits are being specialties, the contracts that are ending are not renewed and public money is being diverted to private healthcare”.

The former president said that she was very clear that the PSOE “is a guarantee of equality, of opportunities, of rights, so that no one sees their assistance reduced by the place where they live, so that no one is deprived of services that are not only essential, that is It is obvious, but other issues that affect daily life, have the right to a decent job, access to culture, to practice sports, to the general enjoyment of a full life. And Gemma Castaño in Cumbres Mayores is a guarantee of everything because she has ensured that this policy is maintained in her local area and she will continue to do so. She is a trustworthy woman, she is a guarantee of progress and unity ”.

Andalusia, according to Susana Díaz, is “in clear decline, suffering the terrible consequences of a government that does not face the problems that society has, not only in health matters, but also in another matter of vital importance, education. Moreno Bonilla leaves people without resources aside and governs for an elite that does not need essential services because they can pay for them, issues that we socialists have been denouncing, because for us they are inalienable, and that Moreno Bonilla does not want to hear.

The candidate referred to the importance of the tourism sector for this northern area of ​​the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, which is now experiencing “a monumental change, because visitors are discovering the beauty of its towns, its fields of pastures that They give shelter to the great protagonist of this landscape, the pig, which moves one of the most important industries in Andalusia and which has its highest mark of quality here”.

The mayoress wants to promote the Pueblos Mágicos initiative, thanks to which “we are developing projects in ten basic areas to help us grow, which include quality of life, urban planning, heritage, festivals and traditions, gastronomy and local products, the landscape, nature and other intangible values ​​that make towns like ours magical”. At the ceremony, allusion was made to the recovery of Cromlech, the result of excavations inside the 13th century castle, “it will allow -he assured- a better understanding of how what is now an Andalusian town that fights against depopulation was once a authentic meeting space, exchange and full of symbology for our ancestors”.

Gemma Castaño has presented a team of people who “are more than prepared to lead this City Council for the next four years, where we want to continue the projects that we have underway and that have not had time to complete. We feel like it, we have strength, we make a team, we look strong, capable, we are professionals and we want to project our energy into doing good things for Cumbres Mayores”.

The members of Gemma Castaño’s list come from associations and cover various economic and social interests of the town. “They are people with experience, a mixture of generations -reported the candidate in her speech-, known by all Cumbreñas and cumbreñas who are aware that they are going to leave their skin to improve the life and coexistence of Major Summits. We are going to face the new stage with enthusiasm, security and strength”.

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