June 1, 2023

This Saturday, Tatyana Vasilyeva will be the guest of the new episode of the Secret for a Million show. The actress will come to the studio of the program for the second time and will talk about why her grandchildren returned from Germany to Russia, what illness crippled the health of her only son, and when she plans to become a grandmother again.

In 2019, Tatyana Vasilyeva frankly told Lera Kudryavtseva about the man she loved with all her heart and about whom her legal husbands knew nothing. This time she decided on a new batch of sincere confessions related to her family.

So, Tatyana Vasilyeva will tell you why her only son Philip ended up in the hospital and how he almost lost his sight. Vasilyeva will remember how she worried about Philip, because she always gently took care of him and continues to do so now. The actress does not have a soul in Philip’s children from her first marriage. Recently, her grandchildren returned from Germany to Russia, and the grandmother is happy that now they can communicate in person. She loves the actress and Philip’s daughter from her second marriage, Mirra. The actress has a good relationship with her daughter-in-law, so an idyll reigns in the famous family.

Despite the abundance of work, Tatyana Vasilyeva looks great. She will frankly tell Lera Kudryavtseva how much she spends on personal care every month, and also admits that she has been wearing a wig for many years. The actress will not be shy and will shoot it right in the Secret for a Million studio.

In addition, the actress will talk about the daring robbery of her Italian home, admits why she decided not to go to plastic surgeons anymore, and also explains what disease she treats with leeches.

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