June 1, 2023
Daria Zoteeva is better known online as "Instafemale".

Daria Zoteeva is better known online as “Instasam”.

As KP ​​wrote, after Elena Blinovskaya, Alexandra Mitroshina and Valeria Chekalina tax authorities are interested Daria Zoteeva, better known as Instasamka. The blogger and singer owed at least 687.7 thousand rubles (this amount is listed on the State Services service for checking debts), so the Federal Tax Service decided to freeze the celebrity’s accounts.

Zoteeva found out about this on May 3 – and immediately ran to the first available flight, flying from Russia, presumably to the UAE. Perhaps, of course, Instasamka decided to confuse the investigation, like Elena Blinovskaya, who at one time bought several types of plane tickets, and herself went by car towards the border with Belarus. But so far, only one fresh video hangs on Daria’s social networks: she is on a plane, and the Dubai airport is indicated as the place of arrival.

It is possible that Instasam really decided to take refuge in this state, because, firstly, a very large number of bloggers (and not only) who have problems with the law (Booster, Morgenstern, Eldzhey, Anastasia Reshetova, etc.) run there, and , secondly, some write that Zoteeva is already a resident of the UAE, like Yegor Creed. Dubai seems to be the best place to hide from the Russian tax office.

By the way, the news that Instasam moved to live in the UAE slipped back in 2022.

“I liked Russia, but here there are cool houses, a pool, the sun, workouts in the yard, Nike, a grill, TikTok,” Zoteeva explained her choice to subscribers.

In addition to the fact that the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation suspended all operations on Instasamka’s bank accounts, she was included in the list of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for verification of tax evasion and money laundering. And one more of the girl’s concerts in Moscow was canceled “for reasons beyond the control of the club.” Earlier, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Investigative Committee of Russia have already checked the performer on suspicion of inducing prostitution and decomposing the child’s psyche.

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