June 1, 2023
Neither the “dashing 90s” nor the well-fed 2000s etched out of us that human that subconsciously sits inside us, at the mental level

Neither the “dashing 90s” nor the well-fed 2000s etched out of us that human that subconsciously sits inside us, at the mental level

Photo: Oleg UKLADOV

I sat and thought about where to start. And then a message in Telegram: “We are a group of volunteers from Novosibirsk. With the permission of the patent holder, we sew anti-thermal imaging blankets, which we send to the children for free. Reviews are good. We saw that you are working with scouts, we can send you a few pieces for transfer to the fighters. These are capes that make our guys on a combat mission invisible to the enemy at night – they hide the thermal signature of the body. Natalya took the address and an hour later sent a track to track a 50-kilogram parcel.

And last week, a representative of the Native Shrines organization wrote, who offered to send a speedboat for our marines on the Dnieper. I docked it with the guys, the road train with the boat is already on its way! A month ago, my subscribers handed over a mobile hospital based on GAZ-66 with a trailer to one of the medical units. It has an operating room and all the equipment for autonomous operation. Over the past year, caring people through me have transferred six Loafs, four UAZs, two Shishiga trucks to the special operation zone – free of charge, technically “charging” the vehicles for work in difficult field conditions.

Every time I come to visit the next unit, I always bring with me quadrocopters, thermal imagers, reconnaissance pipes, first aid kits, purchased with the money of ordinary Russians from the friendly group “Time to Help Together”. From a few like-minded people “on the porch”, she has grown into a five thousand (!) army of philanthropists who are able to equip, for example, the Somali medical battalion (already twice), the mobilized unit with the necessary equipment and equipment, and purchase a vehicle for scouts. And there are dozens, if not hundreds, of such groups across the country. They themselves find scarce goods, build logistics chains, and transport goods to the most dangerous sectors of the front. And millions of people donate their labor penny to the needs of the CVO, attributing in electronic translation “Everything for Victory!”

Neither the “dashing 90s” nor the well-fed 2000s etched out of us that human that subconsciously sits inside us, at the mental level. On the one hand, a feeling of empathy when you physically feel the need to help your neighbor. On the other hand, a sense of belonging, when even a small money transfer is already a contribution to a huge historical cause.

Was it a revelation? For me, no. Even during the conflict in Chechnya, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” organized the “Sending to War” action. Readers of the newspaper brought us canned goods, “soap-ryl” accessories, sweets to our warehouse … Those who were richer carried unloadings for automatic stores and GPS that were in short supply at that time. Grandmothers brought personally knitted socks, gloves and hats. We went to the front to the farthest garrison in Uralakhs packed to capacity. And they returned with sincere words of gratitude from our fighters.

I thought about the ending, and then a new message in Telegram: “I have a project for a domestic individual catalytic heater. I ask you to evaluate the relevance of the issue. And so every day … “The stronger the rear, the stronger the front,” they wrote on the propaganda posters of the Great Patriotic War. And in this sense, we have not changed in anything for decades.


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