June 3, 2023

He Assyrian Club of Huelva He continues to reap success wherever he goes. The people from Huelva are establishing themselves together with the great national clubs of the archeryreaping medals in all the events they have attended for several years.

This time it has been in Cáceres and Valladolid. Last weekend was held in the city of Extremadura the III Spanish Grand Prix, to which the Assyrian attended with an important representation. In men’s recurve bow, Guillermo Fernández Infante, Antonio Domínguez Rengel, Alejandro Puerta Batista, Agustín Rodríguez Gutiérrez and Daniel Riveros García. In the female category, Cristina de Guzmán Rodríguez, Leyre Fernández Infante, Salomé Rofa Vega and Antonia Gutiérrez Risco. In compound arch Alejandro Morano Rodríguez, Álvaro de los Santos Sánchez and Miguel Ángel Medina Orta.

III Grand Prix of Spain in Cáceres

The qualifying round marked the beginning of the competition, in which the people from Huelva occupied very good positions. The best were Miguel Ángel Medina in compound with 4th place, Agustín Rodríguez 17th in men’s recurve and Leyre Fernandez 3rd in the female.

In the knockout phase there was no luck for the Asirio goalkeepers, since in the 1/8 final only Medina remained in contention, who brilliantly managed to reach the consolation final against Gonzalo Sánchez Ferrero from Madrid. The fight for the bronze was very exciting and even, given the quality of the two athletes who starred in it, falling on Huelva’s side by one point difference, with which Medina took a well-deserved bronze, since throughout the weekend of the week proved to be at a very high level.

In the national club league, which was held on the same date, the Huelva teams had a good performance. The men’s compound bow group finished in 6th place; the men’s recurve bow 5th place; the women’s recurve bow was close to the podium after obtaining 4th place and the mixed recurve bow 7th position.

Spanish University Championship – Valladolid

In Valladolid there was also an archery competition, specifically on May 1 the Spanish University Championship was held. Three Asirio athletes traveled to Valladolid to represent the University of Huelva: Miguel Ángel Domínguez Domínguez, Antonio Macías Rey and Agustín Rodríguez Gutiérrez.

This competition was held with different rules than those that are normally held, since a qualifying series was played at 50 meters and another at 30, proclaiming the champion without the playoff dispute.

The three athletes from Huelva had a great round, especially Agustín Rodríguez, who was in third place from the beginning, since he would not give up until the end of the competition, taking the university bronze medal. A great result that demonstrates the quality of this athlete, who has been reaping great results in recent competitions.

In the team section, the Huelva team were one step away from bronze, since they lost the consolation final against the University of Valencia, after a very even dispute that had to be decided on the tiebreaker.

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