June 1, 2023

The town of Lepe hosts this Wednesday the ‘Hechizofrenia’ gala, a cultural event organized by the Ministry of Health and Consumption, through the Andalusian Public Foundation for the Social Integration of People with Mental Illness (FAISEM), whose main objectives are make the population aware of the importance of mental health and combat the stigma that those affected continue to suffer.

This is the fifth edition of this show at the regional level, which is held from 7:00 p.m. at the Mayor Juan Manuel Santana Municipal Theater and which is expected to be attended by some 500 people linked to FAISEM programs, the associative movement and the network of care resources.

‘Hechizofrenia’ has the participation of people with mental health problems, family members, professionals and artists from various disciplines. Hechizofrenia encompasses a set of inclusive performances that range from flamenco to copla, dance, magic and humor, and which aim to value the creativity of people who suffer from mental health problems and offer a positive and hopeful.

In the planned ‘spell spell’ show, all the members of the cast do so as artists. They are people who may have experience in the field of mental health and/or dedicate themselves professionally to music, humor or the media, and who join this act in solidarity.

Cymbeline Núñez and Manuel Benavides, presenters of ‘Hechizofrenia’

The gala will be conducted by Cymbeline Núñez and Manuel Benavides, people who have double experience: having participated in audiovisual and radio initiatives and having experiences of mental health problems, as well as the Sevillian musician Manuel Lombo and the journalist from Huelva Pena Monk.

The cast of artists is made up of humorist Bernardo López; the singers Pepa Damas and Rocío Domínguez; the magician Magic Tino; the monologist María Rodríguez; the flamenco choir Los Amigos de Guillermo, and the Lepe Municipal Dance School. The gala will also have a testimony of support from the musical group ‘Always like this’.

The development of this initiative is part of the ‘1decada4’ strategy, a campaign by the Junta based on the estimate of the World Health Organization (WHO) that one in four people will be affected by a mental disorder throughout throughout his life.

The purpose of this strategy is to reduce stigma and social discrimination, identified as some of the main barriers to the recovery of people with mental health problems, as well as to raise awareness and defend the rights and social image of the group.

Other activities

Within the framework of ‘Hechizofrenia’, the activities will be completed with the organization at the entrance of the Lepe theater of the exhibition of FAISEM entitled ‘Learn to love yourself’, resulting from the experiences of users who attend the artistic mediation workshop of the foundation’s day program in Huelva.

The exhibition is made up of photographs that capture the reunion and overcoming. “Beyond diagnoses and labels, it offers each protagonist the opportunity to look at themselves with a new illusion, with a renewed joy, recomposing their talents and learning to love themselves from what they are”, they explain from FAISEM, which highlights that the exhibition It supposes “an opportunity for each visitor: to look at each portrait knowing how to know the brave people who appear before us, people who bare their faces so that we can know and understand”.

The other programmed action is the First Sports Circuit ‘Mental Health and the Beach’, proposed as a day of coexistence that will take place tomorrow in La Antilla with the assistance of around 150 FAISEM users from all over Andalusia.

The registered teams will be able to participate rotating in six sports modalities: beach soccer, beach handball, datchball, paddles, frisbee goal and petanque. In parallel there are also planned core-mobility activities and a hiking route.


The Andalusian Public Foundation for the Social Integration of People with Mental Illness (Phaisem) is an entity dependent on the Junta that emerged in 1993 with the purpose of developing social support programs in the context of community care for people with severe mental disorders, complementary to the care provided by the Andalusian public health system.

Its mission is to carry out programs aimed at social inclusion and the recovery of people with mental disorders.

For the development of its activity, it has been creating a network of social support centers and services for the increasingly numerous group. Currently, it cares for some 9,000 people in Andalusia, 632 of them in the province of Huelva, in its different programs (homes, supervised housing, home care, day centers, social centers, social enterprises, employment in the ordinary market , vocational training, sports and cultural activities).

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