June 1, 2023
Spouses accused of fraud on a large scale

Spouses accused of fraud on a large scale

Photo: Anastasia PLESHAKOV

Actor Alexei Batalov died in June 2017. And the last few years court lasts about the theft of his inheritance. We are talking about the property of the Batalovs – the wife and daughter of the People’s Artist of the USSR. The defendants in the case became “family friends” – Natalya Drozhzhina and Mikhail Tsivin.

According to investigators, the married couple (Drozhzhina and Tsivin) managed to ingratiate themselves with the family of the legendary actor and fraudulently took over most of the Batalovs’ property. And also their money, which was kept in bank accounts. So, according to the investigation, the property of Drozhzhina passed: 1/3 of the share in a four-room apartment in Moscow, non-residential premises and a capital kopeck piece. And about 16 million rubles disappeared from the accounts of the Batalovs, which Tsivin and Drozhzhina removed by proxy.

The couple were charged with fraud on an especially large scale. The former notary Dmitry Bubliy is also accused in the case. And if earlier one of them was not at the meetings, then on May 3 all three came to the court.

76-year-old Mikhail Tsivin was taken from the pre-trial detention center. As early as April 18, he was taken into custody in the courtroom: allegedly, he was hiding the whereabouts of his wife, Natalia Drozhzhina. She also came this time. She was brought in a car to transport patients with limited mobility. Ex-notary Dmitry Bubliy came on his own two feet and seemed to be in a positive mood. Even exchanged a couple of phrases with journalists. But the spouses Tsivin and Drozhzhina refused to communicate with the press. And defiantly turned away from the cameras. Tsivin turned his back to the cameras. Drozhzhina covered herself with a sheet of paper.

The entire legal process is moving slowly.

– Drozhzhina underwent three operations, a stroke, – her lawyer said at the meeting. – They put on a show with sick people, silkworms, – Tsivin also cursed. – I have never hidden where my wife is … Everyone knows this: she is sick. I even suggested calling the head of the hospital department as a witness. What happened to me (arrest – Ed.) – legal chaos. I was sent to a pre-trial detention center for no reason.

Tsivin believes that judge Olga Bagrova has a biased attitude towards him.

But Bagrova, despite these accusations, maintained a Spartan calm. She scolded Drozhzhina for not answering her calls and not calling back herself: “You must be in contact with the court, otherwise it will be regarded as evasion of appearance.” Drozhzhina stated that she was not evading, but was ill, being treated at the Botkin hospital and could not take part in the court session. She cannot even speak because her speech has not recovered.

– I can not give detailed and meaningful testimony. I have difficulty speaking and there is a referral to the Taganka recovery center,” Drozhzhina said. – Please reschedule my interrogation for health reasons…

According to her testimony, three days before his death, Alexei Batalov took a word with Drozhzhina to take care of the youngest daughter of the actor, who is a disabled child, she has a severe form of cerebral palsy. Tsivin and Drozhzhina took care of her as best they could. First, they issued a general power of attorney, according to which they disposed of the property of the Batalovs and bank accounts. Then – “fake” rental agreements for Maria’s real estate: two apartments and an office building.

– I did not deceive anyone, did not appropriate anyone’s property, did not abuse trust. My only desire was to help people. I do not accept the accusation. Give me two weeks to restore my speech, I will answer all the questions, – asked Drozhzhina in a weak voice.

The judge felt sorry for her, but the meeting continued. They interrogated the notary Dmitry Bubliy, in whose office the legalization of transactions with the property of the Batalovs took place. This notary’s office passed to him “by inheritance from his grandmother, along with her old clientele”, including Tsivin and Drozhzhina. Bubliy’s clients included very well-known and creative people who, in his words, wanted “chamber legalization of certain actions.” Bubliy was approached by Tsivin and Drozhzhina on behalf of the Batalovs: “there was an idea to hide the property of Maria Batalova from her relatives (half-sister – Nadezhda – Ed.) in order to secure it” … And Bubliy helped register the property for Drozhzhina under an annuity agreement, although the draft agreement brought Batalov is not he, but Tsivin. Bubliy instructed only by phone. It is well known what this scheme for “rescuing” property led to: in October 2020, a criminal case was initiated on fraud with the property of the Batalovs.

Probably, the denouement of this criminal saga will come soon. May 12 – the next meeting, which should be the debate of the parties and the last word of the defendants. They do not admit their guilt.

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