June 1, 2023

Photo: GUFSSP for the Krasnodar Territory

Traditionally, on the eve of the Great Victory Day, employees of the Main Directorate of the Federal Bailiff Service for the Krasnodar Territory work at military memorials and burials.

As in previous years, the bailiffs of all four Krasnodar city departments and the apparatus of the Main Directorate, at the request of the administration of the All Saints Cemetery, put in order the grave of Guards Colonel Miron Tikhonovich Melnichuk, who died in 1943 in a battle with the Nazi invaders on Taman. At the place of the last resting place of the hero, a tower from the tank in which he fought and died was installed.

Service staff cleaned the tank turret, installed on the grave of a warrior, the old paint, washed and applied a layer of new paint. In addition, they put things in order on the entire Alley of Glory of the All Saints Cemetery – they cleared the flowerpots, whitewashed the borders.

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