June 2, 2023

The Councilor for Commerce and Markets of Huelva City HallTania González, announced this Wednesday at a press conference the call for the second edition of the Hospitality Awards. Some awards that -as he recalled- arose last year at the proposal of the sector itself in the Hospitality Table with the aim of “valuing and enhancing the role of a fundamental sector for the economic and social pulse of our city” .

Tania González, who was accompanied in the presentation by Rafael Acevedo, president of Bareca; Rafael Barba, Secretary General of the Huelva Tourism Business Circle; Óscar Novas, president of the Association of Night Bars; Fernando Vázquez, from UGT; has encouraged the city’s catering establishments to participate in this call that aspires to surpass the candidacies of the previous edition.

For their part, Rafael Barba, Rafael Acevedo and Fernando Vázquez have agreed to highlight the importance of an initiative that “contributes to the prestige and recognition of a very important sector of the economy, which employs 22,000 people.” Likewise, they have made an appeal to the hotel establishments so that, either directly or through the representative entities of the sector, they present their application before June 9.

Through the Hotel Industry Awards, which include six prizes endowed with 2,470 euros, it is intended that citizens get to know the establishments and businessmen who have contributed to the modernization, innovation and consolidation of this business fabric, contemplating three categories: ‘Trajectory hotel business’, ‘Ambassador of gastronomy’ and ‘Hotel start-ups’.

The first ‘Hospitality Business Trajectory’ award will recognize those entrepreneurs in the capital who have stood out for their continued career, job creation, investment, innovation and internationalization, quality management and product, as well as job stability.

The ‘Ambassador of our gastronomy’ award will go to whoever has a recognizable career in the world of gastronomywhich represents and values ​​the benefits of Huelva’s gastronomy and its catering establishments.

Lastly, the category ‘Hotel Beginnings’ is aimed at recognizing young entrepreneurship, originality, innovation and the capacity for effort in the creation of a hotel company, valuing the commitment to differentiated offers that come to complete the existing one in the city, as well as its ability to adapt to new needs and market niches, the use of new sales systems and digitization.

In the first edition of the Hospitality Awards, the following establishments were awarded: Azabache restaurant, Juan José restaurant bar, Casa A’poliña Calviño, Los Maestres bar and La Florida cafeteria.

The bases and documentation of the awards can be consulted at the following link: http://www.huelva.es/portal/es/paginas/premios-la-hosteleria-2023

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