June 6, 2023

Forward Andalusia presents in Huelva a program that, under the slogan ‘A city to live it’ wants to focus its first campaign steps on «the issues who are having the families Huelva to access the minimum basic resources.

In its program, the Andalusian organization details that they will dedicate at least two percent of the budget to obtaining municipal public housing that will be made available for social rentals. As of today, they emphasize, “that would mean that 3 million euros would be dedicated to home purchases compared to the 96,000 euros that have been dedicated in these budgets.”

“Based on the data indicated in the 2018-2023 housing and land plan in Huelva, we would have around 6,000 empty homes,” they assert. These homes that Adelante Andalucía places for the most part “in the hands of banks and financial funds”, will pass into municipal hands “through purchase or if necessary, we will initiate the necessary expropriation processes to pass from the hands of the large vulture funds to the hands of of the Huelva families”.

This way, amador points out “big differences between a future mayor’s office of Adelante Andalucía and the mayor’s offices of Cruz or the Popular Party”, pointing out that “if Perico Rodri dismantled the municipal housing company, the PSOE has not allocated a budget to solve the problem. They had other priorities, it seemed.

For the measures of access to energy and water, the candidate on the lists of Adelante Andalucía Sara Santofimia conveys “the need for public management of electricity and water.” In this sense, she points to Santofimia in Cádiz “as an example of the success of creating an electricity supplier. The fundamental management that this municipal company would do would be to cushion the rises of the oligopoly of the energy producers. So that, by buying energy in the green energy market, in addition to ensuring a low and stable price, no one will be left without light because of a bad spell”.

Regarding water, the position maintained by the organization in the municipal company Aguas de Huelva regarding not distributing dividends is already known. The candidate points to “the 2.4 million euros that are distributed as a reason for families in Huelva to pay one of the highest water bills in the entire state.”

Finally, from the Andalusian leftist candidacy that “it is not acceptable to continue having asbestos pipes serving water to our families with the sharing of benefits with a multinational that appropriates water management.”

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