June 2, 2023
Mishustin instructed to open new resorts in the North Caucasus.  Photo: Dmitry Astakhov/POOL/TASS

Mishustin instructed to open new resorts in the North Caucasus. Photo: Dmitry Astakhov/POOL/TASS

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin flew to Mineralnye Vody, where he held a government commission on the socio-economic development of the North Caucasus. Before that, the prime minister toured the exposition of the Caucasian Investment Exhibition, where the regions presented their products and promising projects. Guests from abroad also came to the exhibition: Iran, Turkmenistan.

The most striking was the stand of the Stavropol Territory. There were fragrant apples, tree seedlings, fresh strawberries grown in Kislovodsk, and even little ducklings in the aquarium.

– The Italians and the Dutch flood us with cheap seedlings. We are not asking to ban them, we are asking to subsidize domestic seedlings so that we can develop and compete, – representatives of the Stavropol Territory asked Mikhail Mishustin.

– Prepare a letter, consider! the prime minister promised.

At the stand, Abkhazia was lured with tourist services. Mishustin said that he had been in the caves of Abkhazia and on Lake Ritsa.

“Keep in mind, we still have Stalin’s dacha on Lake Ritsa and you can come to rest,” President Aslan Bzhaniya lured Mishustin.

– Thank you, thank you, dear, – thanked the prime minister.

At the stand of Dagestan, Mishustin was told that hazelnut orchards, the largest in Europe, would be planted in the republic.

The head of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov, spoke about plans to release a collection of aphorisms by the national poet of the Dagestan ASSR Rasul Gamzatov and promised to give it to Mishustin.

“It will be possible to use it later at government meetings,” the prime minister joked.

– When Rasul Gamzatov was a deputy of the Supreme Council, he wrote a letter to his wife: “I have been sitting on the presidium for five years, but there is no happiness,” Sergei Melikov quoted.

At the commission on the socio-economic development of the North Caucasus, Mishustin noted that it is necessary to create an infrastructure in the North Caucasus Federal District that will ensure the development of not only the usual types of recreation here – sanatorium-resort and skiing, but also conditions for all-season, beach, ecological tourism.

As the prime minister noted, the new resorts provide jobs not only in the tourism sector, but also in trade and construction.

– The demand for comfortable and varied travel within the country is only growing. Tourist flows go to almost all subjects. And there are huge advantages in the North Caucasus – a unique location, a favorable climate, beautiful places,” Mishustin said.

The Prime Minister noted that in economic terms, the regions of the North Caucasus show positive dynamics. Over the past year, investment in fixed assets grew by almost 8%. Unemployment has decreased, the volume of goods of own production has increased. Thanks to investment projects, the regions

North Caucasus earned more than 240 billion rubles and received more than 9 thousand jobs.

– 12 of these investment sub-projects have already been completed, another 79 are at various stages, Mishustin said.

The Prime Minister noted that in the current conditions the North Caucasus

is becoming a key transport and logistics hub, given its location in the global North-South corridor and access to the Caspian Sea. This opens up additional opportunities for increasing the supply of Russian goods to new markets. The Prime Minister recalled that four industrial clusters have been created in the North Caucasus Federal District. According to him, projects in agriculture, tourism, energy, construction and transport also have great prospects.

Mishustin said that for the North Caucasus developed

a comprehensive program of secondary vocational education. In the next three years, colleges will be modernized and renovated, equipment will be purchased for them, and teachers will be sent to advanced training courses.

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