June 6, 2023
Gennady Onishchenko.

Gennady Onishchenko.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

… – Gennady Grigorievich, on Tuesday, May 2, in the information field nearby – two events … (This is especially noticeable from publications in the media) One is the anniversary of the tragedy in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, this is 2014. Then 42 people died.

– You said they died, but they were burned. And, intentionally, it was a planned action.

– And then there were about 250 victims in total. And now we are witnessing attempts of the so-called counteroffensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On the other hand, a peaceful counteroffensive. This is the launch of a tram depot, the opening of tram routes in Mariupol.

– Quite understandable is happening… As for the opening of the depot, and even on the eve of Victory Day. This, as they say, is an alternative agenda… We see real creation, the restoration of destroyed housing, the destroyed infrastructure of a large city.

And at the same time – these are the antics of the so-called “president of Ukraine” – with clouded consciousness. In his eyes – animal fear for his own life.

We are already witnessing the agony of the Kyiv regime. And the longer the so-called collective West drags it on, the more Ukrainians die.

This, of course, is scary. This is how I would describe it. Everything, of course, goes to its logical conclusion. And Mariupol is a vivid example of a rapid revival.

– So Vladimir Putin has already addressed Mariupol twice in a short time – he went there himself, and personally – albeit remotely – participated in the launch of the tram traffic. Is that what people are saying? I know that you have a very good connection with the population.

– People are always for good medicines… There, after all, for many months, they were brainwashed all the time – about the “aggression of Russia.” And now the locals see and realize that this is their country and it cares about them.

– Mariupol is not only in the field of view of the president. This large shock construction project is under the control of the ex-premier and chairman of the Public Council under the Russian Ministry of Construction, Sergei Stepashin. And Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, in general, spends his days and nights there.

Why is there so much interest in this city? In the economy of Donbass, Zhdanov (as Mariupol was once called) played a big role. It was a city of 500,000… With a good foundation – a developed metallurgical industry. Lion before the products were sent abroad. As much metal as before, probably, will no longer be needed, in the sanctions regime it will simply not be taken. Therefore, of course, today in Mariupol it is not enough to restore and rebuild housing, it is necessary to give people jobs…

– The President says the same thing, yes.

– That is why it is necessary to open modern production facilities there so that the working and engineering potential that was formed there is fully utilized.

This is also a serious task, which, in principle, is being discussed today, it is on the agenda and, of course, will be solved.

– That is, if we take the new Mariupol tram as a certain image, as a symbol of rapid revival, then we can say that reliable tracks and many more new stops are ahead of it.

– And in this sense – yes, of course.

– Understood. Let’s all hope so. Thank you.

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