June 3, 2023

Citizens (Cs) has made known the list of 27 members that will make up the candidacy for the Huelva City Hall for the Municipal Elections on May 28, “a solid list, with experience, preparation and enthusiasm”, has assured the candidate and current municipal spokesman in the Huelva City Council, Guillermo García de Longoria.

longora He explained that all the members of the list are “100% people from Huelva who want to work for our city and who have demonstrated their involvement in Huelva’s social life, in their collectives and traditions over the last few years and who want to continue serving Huelva”.

The Cs candidate has indicated that “it is a list with people who have extensive experience in public management and with a demonstrated ability to start working from day one to improve the lives of the people of Huelva.”

Longoria wanted to thank Cs for the “freedom to be able to draw up the list with which to fight for the Huelva Mayor’s Office, with a program that we will present in the coming days that will be sensible, moderate, and will provide solutions to the problems that have affected us over the years.” transferred the people of Huelva”.

The mayoral candidate, who has guaranteed that “we are going to carry out a campaign of proposals, without insulting anyone, has been convinced that” we will be decisive in forming the next government of the city of Huelva to definitively promote all the projects that they will make us take the definitive leap into modernity”.

Longoria has guaranteed that with Ciudadanos in the municipal government “they will fight before the Junta de Andalucía and the central government so that the projects that they have promised us reach Huelva, because we are free and no one is going to silence us, we will have a cleaner city and with more employment opportunities for our young people, supporting small entrepreneurs and the self-employed and offering a more agile and efficient city council in its management”.

The complete list of Citizens to the Mayor of Huelva is the following:

  1. Guillermo Garcia de Longoria Menduiña
  2. Maria Isabel Valle Gaona
  3. Juana Maria Carrillo Ortiz
  4. Daniel Jesus Rodriguez Garcia
  5. Noelia Alvarez Gonzalez
  6. Lola Jimenez Iglesias
  7. Gema Robles Cruz
  8. Maria Jose Antero Gallardo
  9. Miguel Verdejo Rocataliata
  10. Jesus Ignacio Marquez Sanchez
  11. Ignacio Rivera Granell
  12. Yolanda Maria Carmona Gallardo
  13. Adrian Macias Sanchez
  14. Maria Ramos Duarte
  15. Francisco Jose Marquez Escala
  16. Estela Camacho Hernandez
  17. Nerea Velez Garcia
  18. Manuel Escobar Moreno
  19. Francisco Elias Carrillo Ortiz
  20. Rocio de los Angeles Muñiz Cano
  21. Juana de la Cinta Carrasco Evangelista
  22. Pilar Blanco Tilbes
  23. Miguel Angel Romero Gonzalez
  24. Jose Carlos Carreras Duaigües
  25. Alejandro Salvatella de los Santos
  26. Antonio Luis Oliveira Guerra
  27. Rafaela de los Santos Zamorano

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