June 1, 2023

The Independent Union Central and Officials (CSIF) in Huelvathe first multiprofessional union force in the Andalusian Health Service, as an integral part of the Personnel Board, has concentrated this Wednesday in the almonte health center to report a new assault on a worker.

As CSIF has learned, the attack took place when the worker was performing her duties at the health center. A user, who had come to the center, began to utter insults against the worker, even going so far as to hit her.

From CSIF they remember that violence in the workplace is “unacceptable and cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. The workers and workers They have the right to carry out their work in a safe environment free of violence and aggression.” To do this, CSIF insists on the need for a security guard in the centers, which is why it requires the SAS to take the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of workers in health centers.

Likewise, the union wants to make public that it has been waiting for months for a meeting with the Health delegate, Manuela María Caro López, to discuss this matter of the attacks and other relevant matters in the field of Health without obtaining a response.

César Cercadillo, head of the Health sector of CSIF Huelva, regrets the 1,494 attacks on SAS professionals registered in 2022 and has described this figure as “chilling”, while demanding “that under no circumstances can this type of behaviors that unfortunately suffer the workers and workers of public health”.

In this sense, “we return to the starting box, to a figure similar to the one we had in 2019 (1,524), with which, once again, we are crying out loud because there are also many attacks every day that are not communicated to the center for the normalization of said behaviors ”, he has argued.

The union leader has especially highlighted that 36.4% of the attacks on SAS professionals during 2022, that is, a total of 544, have had to do with demands from the user, such as demanding care outside of a scheduled appointment , demand care for a family member or demand treatment other than that prescribed by the physician.

Along these lines, “from CSIF Sanidad we understand that there are many ways to express disagreement, but never violence,” stressed Cercadillo, who has insisted on the union’s pre-pandemic petition – and to which a response has still been received by the Department of Health and Families of the Junta – to include a penalty regime in the Public Health Law of Andalusia. “We understand that the Administration must initiate an administrative file and impose adequate administrative sanctions,” he pointed out.

CSIF also recalls that “the Public Administration has the basic duty to protect the public or general interest and its sanctioning power inevitably arises from this obligation”.

Cercadillo recalled that “the Andalusian Health Law orders public and private health care services and actions in Andalusia, articulates respect for and compliance with rights and obligations regarding health services and also includes this sanctioning regime, which we request To develop”.

“The physical and mental attacks that all public employees suffer daily make urgent adaptation necessary to act as a deterrent against reprehensible and intolerable conduct. Nothing justifies the use of violence towards a healthcare professional”, concludes the head of the CSIF Health sector in Huelva.

Finally, from CSIF we want to convey all our support and solidarity to the attacked worker, as well as to her colleagues and co-workers. From our union we will continue working to guarantee that public health workers can carry out their work in a safe environment and without violence.

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