June 1, 2023

He didn’t have many options. CD Estuaria Orthopedics Gordillo to overcome this first phase of the Andalusian Grassroots Sports Championship (Cadeba)but the Huelva players fought until the last game.

The tournament, held in the San Bartolomé de la Torre Sports Pavilion last weekend, hosted the 12 best teams in western Andalusia (Seville, Córdoba, Cádiz and Huelva) and none of the four participating teams from Huelva qualified for the Final Phase.

CD Estuaria began the tournament with a severe defeat against CV Esquimo Dos Hermanas by 3-0 (25/18, 25/11 and 25/10) in a match lacking in rhythm and with few good attacking actions from the Huelva team. The second match of CD Estuaria in Andaluz was against Adecor de Córdoba, a tough rival that also gave no respite to the players coached by Maite Flores and Roland Lozano and where the result was identical to the first clash, 3-0 (25/16, 25/15 and 25/10), although they put up more resistance to their rival, much superior in almost all the actions of the clash.

Here the hopes of the Estuaria players ended, who no longer had options to go to the final crosses that could give way to the Final Phase of Andaluz. They still had one last game to save “the honrilla” against DJA’75 from Ayamonte. A highly contested clash with two teams that were very even in level of play and where the Huelva team prevailed against the Ayamontines 3-1 (25/13, 25/16, 16/25 and 25/23) in a clash with very close points and beautifully executed.

With this result, the cadet team of the CD Estuaria Orthopedics Gordillo concludes a season where the objectives set have been met and with room for improvement for this club that has almost a hundred players in all categories and that hopes to continue betting on training in values ​​without forgetting the competitiveness of its teams.

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