June 2, 2023
Alla Pugacheva.

Alla Pugacheva.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Alla Pugacheva returned to Russia. The singer, as it became known to kp.ru, flew to bury Vyacheslav Zaitsev and Valentina Yudashkina, with whom she was very close.

Alla Pugacheva arrived in Moscow on May 3, 2023. The return of the Primadonna was announced by her assistant Elena Chuprakova. She did not go into the reasons for the sudden visit of the singer to her homeland. Meanwhile, surrounded by stars, they said that Alla Borisovna flew to the funeral Vyacheslav Zaitsev and Valentin Yudashkin. She was especially close with the latter.

However, Zaitsev was also native to her. Exactly Vyacheslav Mikhailovich invented the same hoodie for Alla Borisovna in 1978 for the Sopot festival. According to him, it was not that Pugacheva wanted to hide her extra weight – she was simply embarrassed by her body. The fashion designer helped the star – he made a feminine and mysterious outfit at the same time. He was then called “the main dress in her career.”

As for Yudashkin, the vocalist was not just friends with him. They have become really close to each other for a long time. When the master found out about the terrible diagnosis – kidney cancer, he announced Pugacheva’s illness.

As said Valentin Abramovich, the artist is a very delicate and faithful friend. “It is always very important for her not to offend. She is very tactful,” noted the couturier. “The years passed, and our relations were even, respectful to me, to Marina, to my family. That is, there were no shocks if any help was needed , then just a hint is enough. As I am to her, so she is to me.

Yudashkin told how the artist reacted to the news of his illness: “What is the most valuable thing she did? Probably honesty in a relationship.that fright, when everything happened, I saw a different Pugacheva. She had a panic – with anyone, but not with him. She was usually confident, was confused and did not understand how to help. She helped morally, gently forced me to do something.”

Note that the funeral of Yudashkin, which ended on May 2, is scheduled for May 6. The couturier will find his last refuge at the Troekurovsky cemetery.

With Zaitsev – he died on April 30 – the situation is more complicated. Son Yegor wants his father to be buried at the Zdekhovsky cemetery in the Moscow region. Meanwhile, the fashion designer’s granddaughter insists that the relative be interred at the Novodevichy Cemetery, since everything he created has long become a national treasure. “So that all people can say goodbye to him. These are thousands of people! In general, everything that he created is so that all these relics are available to people, because he always did everything for people. Grandfather’s heritage is primarily national, and only then the property of the family “, – she explained to Andrei Malakhov.

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