May 30, 2023
The wife showed Valentin Yudashkin burned out from cancer shortly before his death

The wife showed Valentin Yudashkin burned out from cancer shortly before his death


Valentin Yudashkin published two weeks before his death. The couturier’s wife Marina Yudashkina showed a fresh photo of the fashion designer on April 14, 2023. He posed on the front staircase of his Fashion House. He looked a little tired, but he smiled. Alas, this picture was the last for the deceased from cancer Valentin Abramovich.

Valentin Yudashkin, who died on May 2, 2023 from cancer, until his last days he tried to work. The fashion designer has always been supported and supported by his family, especially his wife Marina. They met more than 30 years ago when they both worked at the Central Design and Technology Bureau under the Ministry of Public Services. Marina was a hairdresser, and Valentin was a make-up artist.

All these years, in sorrow and in joy, they walked hand in hand. Their marriage was called exemplary. When the doctors told the master about the cancer, Valentin Abramovich experienced a shock. But his wife was there. She literally forced him to fight, did not let him sink into the abyss of suffering.

“We still had to gather strength and somehow get out. Of course, there was no desire – neither to work, nor to do something. I forced myself“, he said.

He endured all the tests “on his feet” – continued to fly to shows, travel and even celebrated his own birthday after four abdominal operations. Yudashkin admitted that he lives not for years, but for quarters – from one survey to another. And he worked, worked, participated in life to the last. He was not a recluse. And all the friends were always happy when their Valya came.

Two weeks before his death, he visited his offspring – the Fashion House. The wife took a picture of Yudashkin on the front stairs on April 14, 2023. The master looked thinner, stopped painting over his gray hair, modestly, however, as always, smiled, looking into the frame.

“Certainly, it was clear that he was not well, but he kept. And Marina is such a good guy! She was always by his side. And daughter Galya too. The girl took over his profession. Look what they turned their center into from some abandoned mansion! The beauty is incredible. Vali had a special outlook on life in general,” Clara Novikova quotes site

And two weeks after the photo was published, the fashion designer was hospitalized in the Moscow Cancer Center. Blokhin. His condition deteriorated sharply. “An insidious disease – you never know how it will behave. The latest drugs, the newest drugs – Valya had everything. It’s so monstrous …” Novikova sighs.

On the morning of May 2 Valentin Abramovich passed away. The couturier will be buried on May 6 at the Troekurovsky cemetery.

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