June 2, 2023

Photo: pixabay.com

Since 2021, more than 12,000 employers have taken part in the program, providing jobs for about 62,000 Russians. During these two years, subsidies in the amount of 1.65 billion rubles were transferred to employers from the federal budget. In 2023 alone, state support for organizations amounted to 196.6 million rubles for the employment of 2.1 thousand citizens.

Subsidies are provided for the hiring of specialists who have lost their jobs due to the liquidation of the company or downsizing or are at risk of dismissal due to downtime, young people under 30 years of age and refugees.

“In order to receive a subsidy for hiring a new employee, the employer must not have salary and tax debts, employment must be full-time, and wages must not be lower than the minimum wage. Applicants must also be officially registered as unemployed at employment centers, not be registered as self-employed or self-employed. The subsidy is equal to three minimum wages, increased by the district coefficient, the amount of insurance premiums and the number of employed,” commented Deputy of the State Duma Svetlana Bessarab.

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