June 3, 2023

He flamenco circuit ‘Through the Huelva fandango route’ will tour the Huelva province again thanks to the collaboration of the Deputation with the Huelva Federation of Flamenco Clubs ‘El fandango’. It will be the sixteenth edition of a program that will take about twenty performances to the flamenco clubs and gatherings in the province, and which has been presented by the vice president of the Huelva Provincial Council, Juan Antonio García and the president of the Federation of Flamenco Clubs, Victoria Prieto.

The vice-president underlined the circuit’s contribution “to the promotion throughout the province of the fandango de Huelva, intangible heritage and declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, to which in these performances is added or some of the cantes de ida y vuelta, as proposed by the Provincial Council and it has been done for years”.

Victoria Prieto has thanked the provincial institution for its continued support for the contest, which will be held this year from October 6 to November 23, with 6 dance performances and 12 cante to date, with the final program still to be finalized. “It is a wonderful circuit for Huelva, for the peñas and the flamenco world, since the artists can go out and demonstrate what they know how to do, spreading the most important flamenco heritage that we have in Huelva: our fandango”.

For the president of the Federation of Peñas, although the fandango exists in different provinces, “ours has something that is out of the ordinary. This is due to the difficulty of his cante where in five verses he is able to tell and convey a story”.

In this edition of the circuit, the cantaor honoree is Francisco José Arcángel Ramos, artistically known as Archangel, “who has told us that he is very happy that we dedicate the contest to him. In previous years, tributes have been made to figures who had already passed away. However, the former president Manuel López expressed his desire to pay tribute to people who were still alive, to be able to enjoy it in his presence ”, Prieto indicated.

Likewise, this year the Huelva Federation of Flamenco Peñas wants to commemorate the centenary of the first flamenco contest that took place in 1923 in the Plaza de Toros de Huelva. The objective is to highlight the importance of the fandango in the last hundred years and celebrate the fact that, from that event, this style began to acquire the relevance it has today. “Flamenco is alive. Huelva has a number of wonderful people who are very talented both in singing and dancing and in playing the guitar”, the president of the Federation concluded.

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