June 3, 2023

ANDThe fire in the Magnon outdoor biomass storage park (ancient Ence) is on the verge of extinction thanks to the progress of encapsulation of the hot spots with clay, in which the biomass will be completely consumed without the risk of more material igniting

After delimiting and controlling the fire within the perimeter in the first 7 hours, and once covered with clay Around the entire perimeter of the affected area, firefighters and company teams continue to work on creating natural ovens with clay. Measure that, in addition, will avoid the visual impact of the smoke.

In total, some 30 people, including Magnon staff and collaborating companies, are doing the extinction work, doing the same encapsulation process with clay in the rest of the affected area, in the piles where the wind direction allows it. It is a safe and effective technique to achieve a controlled combustion of all biomass material until its extinction.

Agricultural remains in the fire

The materials that have entered into combustion in this external storage park are, fundamentally, agricultural remains, such as cotton bushes or olive prunings.

Magnon once again regrets the inconvenience caused and reiterates his thanks and public appreciation to all firefighters and INFOCA personnel, as well as to the institutions that have collaborated to quickly control this emergency.

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