June 1, 2023

He Huelva City Hallfrom the Department of Urban Habitat and Infrastructure, after closing the year 2022 with almost a thousand plays of maintenance in streets and public spaces executed in the city, has begun the year 2023, completing 223 performances in the first quarter.

In these three months, the accessibility works and elimination of architectural barriers carried out on Santa Marta avenue, Valdelarco street or La Alegría square stand out, in addition to the reforms in the Alonso Sánchez Park or the painting works on Padre Jesús street of the Passion, for the elimination of graffiti on the walls of the Plaza de la Capitalidad.

During this first quarter and at the request of the Mobility Area of ​​the Huelva City Council, four lowered steps were executed for people with reduced mobility in accordance with current regulations on Santa Marta avenue, at the height of the La Hispanidad neighborhood, finishing off the action with tiles indicative tactile and chromatic difference, for visually impaired and blind people. In this line, two lowered steps of the same characteristics have been enabled on Valdelarco street, to meet Plaza Castaño del Robledo.

Pavement renovation works

Regarding the Plaza de La Alegría, the action has consisted of the renovation of the pavement, acting on an approximate surface of 400 square meters, taking the opportunity to install a new sanitation network and betting on non-slip flooring to prevent it from slipping and reduce the risk of falls.

The reforms in the Alonso Sánchez Park have been led by the construction of three ramps to improve accessibility for people with reduced mobility to the central space on the lower floor, where cultural activities organized by the Huelva City Council frequently take place.

In addition, coinciding with these works to remove architectural barriers, graffiti and graffiti have once again been removed from the walls inside the park, repair of metal elements such as railings, doors and enclosing walls, and restoration and enhancement of the pyramid that presides over the entrance to the park, also affected by acts of vandalism.

The elimination of graffiti and graffiti has also been the objective of the action carried out on Padre Jesús de la Pasión street, with the repair and renovation of paint on the walls of La Capitalidad square through works.

In order to highlight other actions carried out between the months of January, February and March, at the Glorieta de los Curtidores y Labradores in the Polígono San Sebastián, several sidewalk islands have been removed to allocate the space to parking and respond to the neighborhood demand for works.

Finally, on Avenida Costa de la Luz, the work carried out to rebuild a wall in poor condition and eliminate the risk of collapse has also been striking.

Finally, in terms of asphalt, in the months of January, February and March an amount close to 36,200 euros has been invested to carry out hot and cold repairs, with the aim of solving urgent problems related to potholes and potholes in the road, beyond the seventh Municipal Asphalt Plan that has also been developed in recent months, completely renewing the asphalt of 25 city streets.

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